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Sony’s bad No Way Home trailer 2 editing confirms all 3 Spider-Men

Published Nov 17th, 2021 12:09PM EST
Spider-Man in No Way Home trailer 2
Image: Sony

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Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer 2 is finally here

, and you can watch it online on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and pretty much any social network that supports videos. As previously rumored, trailer 2 doesn’t show all three Spider-Man versions, focusing instead on the villains. However, Spider-Man fans quickly discovered that Sony and Marvel edited some trailer scenes so poorly that it confirms that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are in No Way Home.

Maguire and Garfield’s Spider-Man versions aren’t in trailer 2

Sony and Marvel hosted a special trailer event in California where Tom Holland talked about the new movie in front of the crowd of fans lucky enough to score an invite. Fans hoped until the very last minute that Maguire and/or Garfield would also show up, which would confirm they’re in the movie. Their presence on stage would have meant they’re also in the trailer.

That was not the case, however. If you’ve been able to avoid the Maguire-Garfield leak, you’d be surprised to see all the non-MCU Spider-Man villains showing up in No Way Home trailer 2. And you’d probably assume that their corresponding Spider-Man versions should be in the movie.

But most Spider-Man fans could not escape the Maguire-Garfield rumors that spoiled the film’s big secret. You’ve probably seen at least one leak mentioning the former Spider-Men. And you’re in one of the two camps that exist online. Some fans do not need more convincing that Maguire and Garfield are in No Way Home. Others think it’s all fake, and trailer 2 will further reinforce their beliefs.

Spider-Man villains in No Way Home trailer
Spider-Man villains in No Way Home trailer: Electro, Sandman, and The Lizard. Image source: Sony

Unless they are…

Luckily for us, Sony and Marvel released the No Way Home clip online. Some 30 minutes after that unique cinematic experience, Sony released trailer 2 on YouTube, where it has passed 24 million views at the time of this writing. Marvel also uploaded the clip on its YouTube channel, where it got 8 million additional views as of the time of this writing.

Unlike the theater experience where you can’t pause and rewind playback, the digital versions of the trailer let you inspect everything closely. And we already have evidence that Sony and Marvel edited out the other Spider-Man versions from various scenes in trailer 2.

And the best part is that those edits were so bad that fans have already found them.

The bad Spider-Man edits in No Way Home trailer 2

Recent rumors have said that Sony and Marvel have tight schedules for the special effects for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Trailer 2 might prove that all that is accurate. The teams working on the movie’s VFX also have to handle the footage for the trailers. And word on the street is that Sony and Marvel had developed five distinct trailer 2 versions.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising to see that some things were overlooked. You won’t necessarily notice these details in a cinema, where the new trailer will play starting this week. But you’ll see them at home, where you can inspect everything in trailer 2.

Spider-Man villains in No Way Home trailer scene
One visible Spider-Man version (left) launches towards three villains (right) in No Way Home trailer 2 scene. Image source: Sony

Maguire or Garfield’s invisible punch

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is the main protagonist of No Way Home trailer 2. At some point in the trailer, he’s facing three villains from the Raimi and Webb Spider-Man movies. The two sides charge each other atop the Statue of Liberty, as seen in the image above.

We have a single Spider-Man on the left engaging the three villains — Electro, Sandman, and The Lizard. The scene makes no sense with a single character on the left side. It looks as if The Lizard and Electro are charging invisible heroes.

And one of those invisible heroes punches back!

The main trailer on YouTube lacks the scene you’re about to see below. But a different trailer 2 cut made for social media includes it. It’s a blink-and-you-missed-it moment where The Lizard takes a massive punch to the face. Only, there’s no one actually punching him in the clip:

Unless Sony and Marvel are about to introduce Sue Storm, this is a confirmation that the two studios have removed one of the characters on the screen. We have no idea whether it’s Maguire or Garfield, but there should be at least one other Spider-Man in this face-off.

Rumors say this is the movie’s final battle, where three Peter Parker versions will face all five villains.

Is this Maguire or Garfield’s Spider-Man?

The Lizard taking a huge punch like that should be enough to convince you something foul is afoot in trailer 2. Fans think they’ve spotted additional bad edits.

Removing characters from scenes isn’t new for an MCU movie. Marvel has been deceiving us for years with its trailers. But Marvel had a huge advantage over Sony. It kept its MCU secrets better than Sony does. That’s assuming that Sony even wants to keep No Way Home secrets from fans at this point.

Some Spider-Man fans think they’ve found another instance of a bad edit. Spidey’s eyes in the following frame might not match the suit:

Others argue that it’s Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and that might be accurate. It’s also true that fans analyzing such trailers might see things that aren’t there. Then again, The Lizard’s invisible punch above is clearly a bad edit from Sony’s VFX team. It’s only Maguire or Garfield’s Spider-Men that could deliver that punch in that No Way Home trailer scene.

The extra Spider-Man

The last piece of evidence that might prove Sony and Marvel have attempted to erase the two extra Spider-Man from No Way Home trailer 2 concerns MJ’s (Zendaya) tragic fall. We won’t get into why it’s so important, given what happened in the non-MCU Spider-Man movies. We’ll focus on what appears to be a different Spider-Man variant.

As seen above, there might be a different Spider-Man on that scaffolding, whose arm Sony forgot to erase. However, the shot is so blurry that it could be anything. This isn’t as clear as The Lizard’s invisible punch, and you can dismiss it with ease.

As a reminder, the trailer makes us think that it’s Tom Holland’s Spider-Man jumping to see MJ. Fans already have a different choice for the scene. But Tom’s Peter isn’t anywhere near MJ when the scaffolding starts collapsing.

Spider-Man attempting to save MJ
A Spider-Man version attempting to save MJ (Zendaya) in No Way Home trailer 2. Image source: Sony

Will Maguire and Garfield appear in future No Way Home trailers?

Sony and Marvel aren’t ready to confirm the big No Way Home spoiler via a trailer. And maybe they won’t even show Maguire and Garfield in a Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer. Maybe they want to save the reveal for the premiere, regardless of spoilers. Also, it’s unclear whether we’ll get a final full trailer or not.

But it’s obvious that trailer 2 is misleading, as the studios are trying to show fans as much as possible while disclosing as little as possible.

No Way Home premieres on December 17th, so we have another month of Spider-Man rumors to go through.

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