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Honest trailer for Pokemon Go reminds us how ridiculous this game really is

Pokemon Go Honest Trailer

Pokemon Go is now the biggest app of all time. It has tens of millions of people all around the world getting out of the house, exploring their neighborhoods, socializing with strangers and even getting in some much-needed exercise.

But as a game, it’s still really not all that great.

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Smosh is best known for its “honest trailers” for the biggest movie releases every year, but the Smosh Games channel has taken up the mantle in recent years as well with its own “honest game trailers.” These trailers typically highlight the silliest or dumbest aspects of a game, and the trailer for Pokemon Go is no exception:

Smosh Games refers to the app as a “groundbreaking combination of mild cardio, Google Maps and Paper Toss,” which takes out “most of the parts that make [Pokemon] a video game.” And they’re not wrong.

Pokemon Go is barely a video game. You catch creatures by tossing digital Poke Balls at them, which seem to miss as often as they hit the further you progress. Once you have an respectable collection of Pokemon, all you can do with them is battle gyms of rival teams or train at gyms of your own team. And the combat system is about as dull you could possible imagine, if not more so.

And yet, we simply can’t stop playing it. Maybe it’s nothing more than a serious case of nostalgia, but at least it’s getting us out of the house.

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