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13 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

New Movie Trailers May 5

Drop what you’re doing and grab the popcorn. This week’s movie trailers roundup has some great titles in it, including the first trailer for The Dark Tower, which might just be the Stephen King movie you’ve been waiting for all these years. On top of that, we have new clips from the next King Arthur, a fresh Wonder Woman teaser, and a new trailer for Dunkirk.


Applecart promises to be one creepy horror movie, so if you’re into that kind of thing, then you should keep an eye out for it. Sadly, there’s no release date for it at this time.

Blade Runner: 2049

It’s not a full trailer, only a teaser trailer, but at least we have more footage for the next film in the Blade Runner series, set to hit theaters on October 6th.


Brian Cox plays Winston Churchill in this World War 2 movie about the hours leading to the D-Day landing. The film launches on June 2nd.


We’re not quite done with World War 2 stories. Dunkirk is one other title you should remember because it’s made by Christopher Nolan and it’s starring Tom Hardy. We now have a second trailer for the film, which hits cinemas on July 21st.

Everything, Everything

Time for one more trailer for Everything, Everything — we already saw a couple of them, including an emoji-only one. It’s the love story between your average teenagers, though one of them is allergic to everything. Everything. The movie launches on May 19th.

Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza) is a mentally disturbed young woman who goes on a trip to meet a social media star (Elizabeth Olsen). This should be interesting! Ingrid Goes West launches August 4th.

It Comes at Night

It Comes at Night is the kind of movie title that will immediately make you think it’s part of the horror genre. Well, if you just thought that, then you are absolutely right. Something bad is coming out at night in this one, but you’ll have to wait until June 9th to find out what it is.

Kill Switch

A week later, on June 16th, Kill Switch debuts, a movie about a not-so-distant future that could bring over the end of the world as we know it. Unless someone can prevent it.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Tired of all the unreal, overly romantic King Arthur: Legend of the Sword movies? Good, because King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is going to be something entirely different. The film launches next week, so check out the latest trailer right now:

Once Upon a Time in Venice

Okay, so the trailer for this movie has the best possible intro. Bruce Willis says he needs to “steal back some drugs for these gang guys” so he can get his dog back. I don’t care how bad it is, I already want to see Once Upon a Time in Venice.

The Big Sick

Amazon Studios has a new comedy coming out on July 14th, starring Ray Romano and Kumail Nanjiani, that’s based on a real life story. Yes, it has some great potential, and the trailer is hilarious.

The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower, one of Stephen King’s best creations is finally getting the movie it deserves. Idris Elba will play a pretty bad-ass Gunslinger, with Matthew McConaughey cast as the Man in Black. The film launches on August 4th, and this is the first trailer:

Wonder Woman

I’ll just leave these TV commercials for Wonder Woman right here. They’re all fresh, and they all offer more footage for the upcoming superhero flick. Wonder Woman launches on June 2nd.

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