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Marvel’s first movie of 2020 was just spoiled by two big leaks

Published Jan 18th, 2020 1:14PM EST
MCU Phase 4 Timeline
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The first MCU Phase 4 film is a movie that fans have wanted for years. Black Widow, set to hit cinemas on May 1st, will be a sort-of origin story for Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) that Marvel waited too long to make. The film isn’t quite the origin story some wanted, as we know for a fact that takes place mainly between the events of Civil War and Infinity War, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

First of all, it’ll show us a version of Nat that we never got to see. A Nat who’s not part of the Avengers, and who is on the run after the events in the most epic Captain America movie made to date. Secondly, by showing us events closer to the present day, Marvel is keeping the door open so it might someday deliver a real origin story for Nat. However, the timing of Black Widow is certainly interesting.

Nat died in Endgame in a heartbreaking scene on Vormir, so we know she won’t appear in any movies that happen after 2023 in the main MCU timeline. The Avengers, however, might still get a team member of the Black Widow variety in the future, and this movie might introduce Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), as the new Black Widow. Of course, that’s just speculation for the time being, as we have no idea whether Marvel plans to keep Black Widow in a future Avengers roster. That said, we do have a couple of massive Black Widow plot leaks for you that tells us what to expect from the upcoming movie — mind you, significant spoilers follow below, so this is a Black Widow post you’ll want to avoid if you hate spoilers.

Some people love spoilers and can’t get enough of them, while others want to do everything possible to avoid them. This is your last chance to avoid the following spoilers could ruin many of the surprises in Black Widow — assuming they’re accurate, of course. If you want the events of the movie to come as a surprise, have another look at the latest Black Widow trailer:

If you’re still here, then you must be dying to know what Marvel might have in store for us. The good news is that we have not one, but two Black Widow leaks that reveal the entire plot of the movie. The bad news is that we’re looking at 4chan leaks, so you should take it all in with a massive grain of salt. We don’t have confirmation for any of this, and even though the two leaks seem to match perfectly, that’s not enough. Maybe the same person is behind both posts.

We have the October 2019 leak (via Redditor Tsblloveyou) and the November 2019 leak (via Zepanda66), which tell essentially the same story.

Image source: YouTube

Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz) is apparently the new leader of the Red Room, and she’s looking to turn new young women into powerful Black Widows. Natasha and Yelena will team up to stop her, with Alexei Shostakov / Red Guardian (David Harbour) O-T Fagbenle (Rick Mason) helping them.

The November leak gives us an exciting detail about Nat’s interest in all of this. Apparently, after the signing of the accords, Nat is chasing a Foxcharge tool, a digital eraser that can wipe price, face, and DNA data from any government databases. Yelena, meanwhile, is tasked to kill Nat without knowing the target is her sister — that explains the fight scene between them in the trailer:

The plot basically has 3 threads, getting Foxcharge, Nat being chased by every government, and stopping “Melina,” who eventually suits up as a revamped Iron Maiden in a suit very akin to Matt LeBlanc’s in Lost in Space, from reactivating the Black Widow program.

Both leaks, meanwhile, say that Mason, a former love interest of Nat and a former SHIELD agent who helps international spies, is actually the Taskmaster, the villain of the film who’s able to replicate every move an adversary makes. Taskmaster also ends up killing Red Guardian, the November leak says, and he almost kills Nat. However, Yelena will end up shooting him and saving her “sister’s” life:

Taskmaster always seems to know where they will be. The film makes you think all of her allies could be him. He is able to perfectly mirror all the combat styles. Has a memorable fight with Red Guardian. A dirty bar fight version of Cap vs. Cap in Endgame.

He has a tank/mobile command center that drives itself. Think Idris Elba’s badass motorcycle in Hobbs and Shaw. This is gonna steal the show in the same way.

The Arc of the film is very much this wild world calling Natasha back to it, and her trying to get her family out of it.

Mason is revealed to be Taskmaster and kills Red Guardian in front of Natasha and Yelena during a climactic fight between all of them and Melina. The remaining Black Widows turn on Iron Maiden, and she ends up locked in the red room torture chamber to get her justice.

Yelena kills Taskmaster by shooting him through his broken mask as he is about to kill Natasha.

The October leak also reveals the film has plenty of flashbacks, which will chronicle Nat’s “childhood, training, escape, and eventual recruitment by SHIELD.”

Image source: YouTube

In addition to cameos from Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt), we’ll see Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in a deleted scene — from Civil War? — where he urges Natasha to run. The October leak says Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) is also rumored to appear, and both leaks say the film ends with Natasha reconnecting with Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) in Italy.

The November leak also says that Nat will give the Foxcharge tool to Yelena at the end of the movie, and the October leak says the film “sets up Yelena as the new Black Widow in the MCU. She is more morally ambiguous than Natasha, setting up a new dynamic.” Check out both leaks below:

BLACK WIDOW Information from MarvelStudiosSpoilers

Black Widow 4chan leak from MarvelStudiosSpoilers

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