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New MCU leak says an Avenger who was supposed to stay dead might be resurrected

Published Jan 7th, 2020 2:06PM EST
MCU Phase 4
Image: Marvel Studios

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Avengers Endgame

brought back all the superheroes who were snapped away in Infinity War, as expected. To pull it all off, the Avengers did whatever was required of them, even if that meant sacrificing their lives so others could live. We lost Black Widow and Iron Man in that fight, and as far as the Earth is concerned, that’s when Captain America also died. Those deaths are all irreversible, and we know Nat and Tony won’t be part of future phases of the MCU. We’ll still get to see Natasha again, as Phase 4 opens with the Black Widow origin story that takes place in the past. And that’s why we shouldn’t be surprised to have Iron Man cameos in Black Widow and other MCU titles. Also dead are the main timeline’s Loki and Gamora, although Marvel replaced both of them with versions from other realities so we’ll see them appear in future MCU adventures. Not to mention that Vision is also gone for all we know, but he’ll be back for WandaVision.

With all that in mind, we’ve just heard there might be another Avenger who could be resurrected for more MCU action as soon as this year, although it’s still unclear how or why it’ll happen.

As we’ve established so far, all deaths are final in the MCU, and that’s what made Infinity War and Endgame so amazing. Unlike other superhero flicks, not all the good guys made it out alive, and Endgame doesn’t feature the perfect happy ending that some fans might want. That means all the deaths that occurred prior to the snap, or after it, will also be respected, which leaves us scratching our heads when it comes to the following scene:

The first part of the video shows an audition clip that leaked a few days ago over on Vimeo, via well-known MCU leaker Daniel Richtman.

In the leaked clip, we’re looking at a kid auditioning for the role of Wanda and Vision’s kids — previous leaks did say we’re going to see their kids in the TV series. At one point the kid mentions his uncle, and there’s just one person who qualifies for the role.

Vision doesn’t have any brothers or sisters unless you count all of Ultron’s robots. Wanda, however, had a brother. Pietro Maximoff, or Quicksilver, had a brief Avengers gig during Avengers: Age of Ultron where he died heroically. There’s no way for Marvel to permanently bring back to the MCU that version of Quicksilver, but the leaked audition tapes seem to indicate that Aaron Taylor-Johnson, or someone else, will appear in WandaVision.

Image source: Disney

But then again, we know that Paul Bettany will reprise his Vision role for the TV series. The fact that both Quicksilver and Vision appear to be in it seems to further reinforce rumors that said Wanda’s family in the TV series might not be real. Someone could create that fantasy for her — maybe Doctor Strange? — and that could explain why we’ll see both characters in the show.

There’s no question that Wanda is in a bad place right now, considering what happened in her personal life over the past few years. After a rough childhood, she had to deal with powers beyond her understanding, she lost her brother, she fell in love with a being that’s half-human and half-machine, and then she died for the better part of five years after witnessing the death of her lover. A fantasy world where she could get some closure and move on with life might be exactly what Wanda needs right now. But I’m merely speculating based on these audition leaks.

While there’s nothing to confirm the leaks are real, they were removed from Vimeo rather quickly. So Quicksilver might indeed appear in some WandaVision episodes.

WandaVision will premiere in fall 2020, several months earlier than expected, and rumors say the limited series will have two distinct halves. The first three episodes will supposedly focus on this fantasy family life, which would play as a sitcom, while the last three episodes would be more action-packed. Recent leaks from the set revealed images from that second half, where the MCU’s SWORD organization that was already teased in Spider-Man: Far From Home might be introduced.

The only thing Marvel has confirmed about WandaVision is that it’ll tie into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which premieres in May 2021.

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