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Marvel’s most exciting Disney+ show will pack even more action than we thought

Published Jun 30th, 2020 3:33PM EDT
Marvel Movies
Image: Marvel Studios

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  • Of all the new Marvel movies and TV shows supposed to hit theaters and Disney+ in the immediate future, there’s one TV series that stands out for several reasons.
  • It’s WandaVision, a series that will introduce a bunch of new elements to the MCU and give us a better look at Wanda, who is currently the strongest Avenger.
  • A couple of reports have revealed the limited TV series will be even longer than we initially thought, but we still have no idea when the show will finally hit Disney+.

This was supposed to be Marvel Studios’ boldest year so far, but then the novel coronavirus pandemic hit. Phase 4 will be the first MCU stage where the story is told with the help of regular films and TV series. You can argue that Marvel made other TV shows connected to the movies, including Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD, but those weren’t Marvel Studios projects and they pale in comparison to Marvel’s movies. We’re looking at six films and eight TV series that will be tightly intertwined in MCU Phase 4. The same characters who usually appear in Marvel movies will also star in these limited series, and the same actors will play our beloved superheroes. Disney is obviously using the huge reach of Marvel films to increase the number of Disney+ subscribers. All these Marvel shows will only stream exclusively on Disney’s own service. And Marvel will take advantage of Disney+ to tell better, more vibrant stories than ever before.

That’s the general idea. But as it stands right now, there’s no telling when fans will get to really enjoy Phase 4. Disney delayed the premieres of all its MCU Phase 4 films and temporarily halted work on several productions, including both movies and TV shows. Black Widow is now supposed to launch in early November, but if the pandemic can’t be contained, it might see even more delays. It’s not all bad news, however. As we wait for the MCU to resume, we keep seeing exciting new rumors. The latest one concerns one of the most anticipated TV shows of Phase 4, WandaVision. According to the latest rumblings, we’re in store for a lot more episodes than we first thought.

Anthony Mackie — who plays Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, aka the new Captain America in the MCU — said that shooting The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was like making a six-hour movie. That’s great news for what should be the first TV series to hit Disney+ at some point in the coming months. But as interesting an adventure as it might be, it’s WandaVision that’s easily the most exciting show of Phase 4 that has been announced so far.

Wanda is currently the most powerful Avenger, as Kevin Feige confirmed when asked about it a few months ago. And rumors say that Wanda might become one of the next villains in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Whether the rumor is true or not, we already know that WandaVision does tie into Strange 2, just like Loki.

Screenshot from WandaVision teaser trailer. Image source: Marvel

On top of that, WandaVision will feature at least two exciting elements. One is SWORD, the organization that will replace SHIELD. And the other is the adult Monica Rambeau, who might be working for SWORD. We’ve seen plenty of imagery from the WandaVision set to know these things are happening.

Add to that the fact that Vision will be brought back to life somehow, even if he only appears in Wanda’s imagination, and you end up with plenty of reasons to want to see this TV series. Wanda’s brother is supposed to appear in the show too, as are Wanda and Vision’s twin children.

We expected the show to have six episodes, including three that would largely play out like a sitcom and three others that would be packed full of action. But two separate reports now indicate the series will actually have nine episodes.

It was Murphy’s Multiverse that first reported the series will have at least nine episodes. The blog found the information in the resume of a stuntperson who did work for the ninth episode. “I’m protecting the source a bit here, but trust me, this is definitely a person who has worked on WandaVision, and I sincerely doubt they made a mistake in their resume listing,” the blog said.

Set photos from WandaVision show Teyonah Parris and Randall Park, who are expected to play Monica Rambeau and Jimmy Woo. Image source: Just Jared

Later, MCU Cosmic said sources at Disney confirmed that the listing for episode 109 is correct, which means the show will be a nine-episode limited series. To paraphrase Mackie’s explanation of Falcon, WandaVision might feel like a nine-hour movie.

That’s great news considering all the Wanda rumors that we heard last year. The series could give us a more robust profile of Wanda than what we’ve seen so far, and help build her arc for the future of the MCU. And if she ends up being one of the main villains of Phase 4, then that’s even better. WandaVision could help set up her transformation from hero to villain. What’s also interesting is that a WandaVision plot leak recently offered us plenty of details of how the first three episodes of the show would play out. At the time, I told you the plot leak did not make sense, given that we expected the series to have six episodes. But the leak certainly fits with a nine-episode structure.

Sadly, there’s no telling when WandaVision will hit Disney+. It all depends on how the world deals with the novel coronavirus pandemic that has been getting worse in recent weeks.

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