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Massive ‘Game of Thrones’ leak might spoil everyone who lives and dies

Published May 8th, 2019 10:53AM EDT
Game of Thrones Season 8
Image: HBO

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I had such high hopes for the final season of Game of Thrones, but like Jon Snow on numerous occasions, I knew nothing. We’re now four episodes into the final season, with the last one easily being the worst of the season and possibly the entire series so far. On the plus side, we’ll soon find out who will win the Iron Throne, put season 8 behind us, and pretend it never happened. But it turns out we might not have to wait two more weeks to see what HBO has prepared for us, as a huge collection of Game of Thrones leaks might have just spoiled everything about what will happen next. Who lives and who dies by the end of the show’s finale? Before I tell you what the word on the street is, I’ll point out that what’s about to follow is dark and full of spoilers.

The information below comes from a huge thread on Reddit where user cgmcnama collected a treasure trove of information from people who have leaked accurate details about Game of Thrones in the past. It may give us the full picture of the upcoming episodes. In what follows, I’ll offer you the big picture for each main character, in no particular order.


He’s trying to do the best for the realm even if that means betraying Dany. So Varys must die, Dany decides. Considering the lack of detail about his death, we could assume Varys won’t make it to episode six. But when he does die he might be burned alive, according to one poster.

Image source: HBO


He may have taken out Rhaegal in the worst possible sequence of events that we can’t believed Game of Thrones showrunners approved, but Euron is going to get his share of pain. Drogon will burn King’s Landing and Euron’s fleet, and Jaime ultimately kills Euron. Bye bye!

Image source: HBO

The Mountain and The Hound

Cleganebowl, the fight between the Mountain and the Hound, does happen — just like everyone wanted. It’ll probably go down during Dany’s attack on King’s Landing in episode 5. That attack is one-sided, as Drogon burns down both the city and Euron’s fleet. The Unsullied will supposedly go “bat shit crazy,” killing men, women, and children.

Both brothers die. Well, one of them dies again, but this time it’s for good.

Image source: HBO


Dany’s army will capture the one-armed man after he left Brianne in tears. Tyrion will free him and try to get his brother and Cersei out of King’s Landing, which is about to see the full force of the Dragon Queen.

Jaime will get to fight and kill Euron, but the Kingslayer will be mortally wounded and die together with Cersei.

Image source: HBO


In spite of everything, Tyrion will try to save his sister, but he’ll fail to pull it off. According to a leaker, it’s unclear whether Arya kills her, or if it’s Arya disguised as Jamie who does it. But she’ll die together with the love of her life — that’s Jaime, of course.

Image source: Helen Sloan/HBO


Tyrion doesn’t approve of Dany’s ravaging attack and asks for mercy for King’s Landing, but the queen refuses. The dwarf then tries to resign as Hand, and frees Jaime and Cersei. Dany arrests Tyrion and he’ll get a trial, which is apparently a major scene in the dragon pit. And Tyrion will die as well, although it’s unclear how it happens. Sansa does betray him at some point, despite promising to rule together:

Tyrion’s trial in the dragon pit is a major scene and has no Jon, Dany, or dragons. Sir Davos is present not wearing the Hand of the King pin along with all 3 stark children. Samwell Tarly, Brienne, Robyn Aryn, Grey Worm, an unknown man wearing golden clothes (likely Dornish), and another unidentified man (n older short bearded one dressed in green) will be there as well. Bran will flash back to season 1 where Tyrion Lannister told Catelyn Stark, “I never bet against my family”. Tyrion is filled with anger and resentment against them because he saved them against Stannis and they still turned on him. Thinks people of King’s Landing deserved it. He saved them and were ungrateful (trial of Joffrey’s murder) Will fall to his knees in the middle of the speech dragged down by the weight of his actions. His death was filmed in studio so not sure how he dies.

The leaks claim there was plenty of secrecy surrounding Tyrion’s death, with the showrunners pretending to film a fight scene between the Unsullied and Lannister soldiers in the dragon pit.

Image source: HBO


You might not like this one, but Dany dies too, at some point after destroying King’s Landing. That said, it’s unclear how it happens. Jon will kill her — he may be forced to do it, but it’s difficult to tell from the leaks.

Tyrion tried to convince Jon to turn on Dany, and that his family will never be safe because it threatens Dany’s claim to the iron throne. Like Tyrion, Jon doesn’t approve of Dany’s ruthlessness towards King’s Landing. Jon supposedly stabs her in the throne room. As she’s dying, Dany supposedly touches the Iron Throne, which was destroyed in the battle. Drogo will fly away with her body at the end.

Image source: YouTube

If parts of this sound similar, aside from the stabbing, dying, and the dragon, that’s because we’ve seen a scene earlier in the show where Dany has a vision in the destroyed throne room, and in that vision she never gets to sit on it.

The actual ending is said to be “bittersweet,” whatever that might mean.

Jon Snow

It’s unclear what happens to Jon Snow, as Kit Harrington supposedly shot two different endings. One version of events has him joining a new Night’s Watch crew or going into exile — but there’s no Night King, is there? A different version has Jon dying, although we have no details on it.

Apparently at some point next episode, there will be a moment where Jon will consider fighting Grey Worm after the Unsullied start their massacre:

I think Unsullied are just indiscriminately killing (women and children) and Dothraki go on a rape rampage. Source didn’t get specific but I don’t see Unsullied doing any penetrating except with an actual spear. Cleganebowl happens this episode (5) and they do both die. Grey Worm and Jon have a big stare down and Grey Worm thinks Jon is gonna start killing Unsullied so he’s like waiting for Jon to turn on Dany so he can kill him but a Lannister soldier distracts Jon instead. Source says they are heavily saying Dany is going mad so I would put some weight to the leaks saying Jon kills Dany. I mentioned that to the source and they just said “Oh yeah definitely leading up to that” so take that for what it is. No mention of Arya unfortunately, she must be more for episode 6? Not sure. Honestly when they told me “bells make her snap” my jaw hit the floor. I’m personally not liking these, and the more silly ones (Bran becoming the King) have a very real possibility of being legit IMO. Hopefully the execution is better.”

Image source: HBO


It doesn’t matter what happens next in Game of Thrones, considering the questionable quality of season 8 so far. Yes, many of our favorite heroes will die, but so what? Most of them aren’t even likable anymore, especially Dany. Presumably, everyone else who didn’t make the list gets to live. That includes plenty of Starks, Gendry, Bronn, and anyone else you can think of. All I know is that I already miss the Starbucks cup.

If you want to read the full thread, check it out below or at this link:

Compilation of Spoilers for GOT Episodes 4-6 from freefolk

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