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David Spade’s ‘Game of Thrones’ review is the best we’ve seen yet

Published May 19th, 2019 11:14AM EDT
Game of Thrones Season 8
Image: HBO

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Fandom is an odd thing. Often times, the people who claim to love something more than anyone else are the exact same folks who can’t help but nitpick and dwell on the most trivial of things. For these fans, complaining is something of a badge of honor, and it’s a dynamic we see time and time again across sports, the tech realm, and of course, TV.

With that said, the final season of Game of Thrones has been nothing short of controversial. As you’ve likely heard by now, many of the most ardent Game of Thrones fans have been beyond disappointed with the eighth and final season of the acclaimed show. Underscoring the complete lunacy of the show’s more extreme fans, there’s even been a petition — which now has more than 1 million signatures — calling on HBO to remake the final season.

It’s easy to get swept up with all the negativity surrounding the show, which is why we wanted to highlight what may very well be the funniest Game of Thrones review we’ve seen yet.

The video below comes to us from David Spade and is a review of The Bells, the fifth and penultimate episode of the season and the entire series. Spade is an admitted GOT rookie, which of course only serves to make his commentary all the more hilarious. That notwithstanding, his mini-review does incorporate a few of the more common complaints we’ve seen raised by some of the show’s more hardcore fans.

Spade comes out firing, and addresses the show’s ridiculously long credits.

“First of all, high five for me for getting through the credits,” Spade says right off the bat. “How long are the credits? Good God. You sit through that every time?”

Spade’s observations with respect to Daenerys destroying everything in sight is also worth highlighting.

And Khaleesi, I mean… Toward the end, she really lost her marbles. The fight was over. It looked like they were winning. They called a truce, I think, with the bells. And then, here comes the dragon again.

And you really only need one little squirt of fire to take out Bangs. Just take her out of that little window. She’s done. That’s really the kingpin. But no, you have to burn down the whole town. Which was overkill island. Khaleesi just needs to Adderall it down a notch.

I’d be texting her from the bottom going, “What are you doing? I mean, we won. Is this for your Instagram story? We don’t need to fry every person in here. We might need them one day.

The full video can be seen below and is well worth watching.

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