In today’s Internet age, where crazy and insane videos are the norm, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find truly impressive and original footage that you didn’t already stumble across years ago. Every once in a while, though, we manage to strike gold. Whether it’s two fools eating a Carolina Reaper (aka the world’s hottest pepper) or a man named Coyote Peterson getting purposefully bit by a tarantula hawk, the Internet still remains an endless reservoir of amazement.

That said, earlier today we discovered the mother lode, a video so heartwarming, hilarious, creative and unforgettable that words simply can’t do it justice. As if we needed any more proof that dogs are amazing creatures, watch what happens when this dog owner — we’ll just call him ‘genius’ for now — decides to dress up as his dog’s favorite play toy, a stuffed version of Gumby.

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Cat lovers might want to avoid watching this delightful video altogether, lest they start questioning their feline allegiance. After all, who wants a cat that will actively avoid you while simultaneously plotting your demise when you can have this?

Kudos to you, mysterious genius. You’ve made everyone’s Friday all the more enjoyable. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go dress up as a tennis ball.

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