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Doctor Strange 2 Lego leak spoils a major villain

Published Dec 2nd, 2021 12:17PM EST
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Image: Sony and Marvel

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Doctor Strange 2

is undergoing extensive reshoots, with a recent report saying that the crew will be working around the clock through Christmas. Marvel supposedly needed to fix the storyline and add a few more cameos. That’s why the studio postponed Multiverse of Madness to early May 2022. The release date delay will not impact merchandising for the sequel, and we’ve already started seeing some toy leaks that are quite revealing. The latest one comes in the form of a Doctor Strange 2 Lego set that delivers a big spoiler: we might know the identity of one of the film’s major villains. Beware, huge Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness spoilers follow below.

The Multiverse of Madness villains

Before news of the Doctor Strange 2 reshoots dropped, and well before the Lego set photos made their way online, we saw plenty of spoilers. An incredible plot leak told us who the real Doctor Strange 2 villain is supposed to be.

We’ll see plenty of antagonists in the film, according to that leak. They will fight Strange & Co. in different realities. The list of potential villains includes Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) in the primary reality, and a darker Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) variant elsewhere. It also mentions Shuma Gorath, a massive and very scary Marvel villain from the comics. But the leak said Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) will be the film’s main villain.

The one-eyed Shuma Gorath demonic monster is the kind of terrifying villain you’d expect for a Doctor Strange movie. The sequel will be a horror story after all. But it won’t be the main threat for the Avengers in the film. And some of the reshoot rumors say that Marvel wants to tone down Wanda, who was coming off as a terrifying antagonist after the initial production was wrapped.

Where does the Lego set leak fit in all of this speculation about Doctor Strange 2? Well, it seems to confirm that we will indeed have a one-eyed, tentacled villain in the movie. But it’ll go by a different name.

Doctor Strange 2 tie-in puzzle. Image source: Booktopia

The Doctor Strange 2 Lego set leak

The Doctor Strange 2 puzzle leak above told us recently that Shuma Gorath will be in the movie, teasing an epic confrontation between sorcerers and the giant octopus-like monster.

The Lego leak seems to confirm that Doctor Strange 2 leak, but with a huge twist. We now have a title for the leaked Lego set, as well as a description and a list of characters. Rather than Shuma Gorath, the one-eyed monster is labeled as Gargantos.

The Lego set is titled Gargantos Showdown and features three minifigs: Doctor Strange, America Chavez, and Wong. Xochitl Gomez and Benedict Wong will star in Multiverse of Madness as Chavez and Wong. Gargantos is what’s puzzling us. Here’s how Lego describes the monster:

Gargantos, the giant, one-eyed monster, spots Doctor Strange, Wong, and America Chavez and wriggles on its long, green tentacles towards the 3 heroes. Will the team’s special powers and weapons be enough to defeat the monster or will they be tangled up in tentacles? Only you can decide.

MCU Lego leaks are not always revealing

Fans of the Avengers universe are probably well aware that Lego sets arrive months before the movies they’re based on. The same will happen with this Gargantos set for Doctor Strange 2. But the Lego sets won’t always spoil the actual action from the movies.

They’re loosely based on the plot, as Marvel is known for wanting to keep MCU plot details secret from fans. They wouldn’t want any of the Doctor Strange 2 surprises ruined before the film’s release. Not to mention that Multiverse of Madness is going through significant reshoots. Marvel could always change the story in such a way that the Lego leaks no longer matter.

With that in mind, the Gargantos mention might be a decoy for Shuma Gorath. Or it could be the actual Gargantos, a giant monster from the comics that was under the control of the Lemurian villain Naga. In turn, this character has connections to Namor, which we expect to see in the MCU soon.

In other words, it seems unlikely that Gargantos is truly the main villain in Doctor Strange 2. But this character still could be a major villain in the film. And it’s certainly a great toy to assemble in an Avengers-based Lego set.

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