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Here’s the viral video showing what happens when you mix Coke and bleach

Coca Cola Bleach Viral Video

The CrazyRussianHacker YouTube channel that taught us how to hack band-aids returned this week with a new viral video that shows what happens when you mix Coca Cola with bleach. The short clip that shows us the almighty power of bleach has blown up the Internet and has 4 million views in just a couple of days.

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From the get go, I’ll tell you there’s probably no point to this particular hack other than to prove how powerful bleach is. What happens in the video is that the hacker adds some bleach to a glass of Coca Cola and stirs it until it loses its brown color. And it all happens insanely fast. The Coke’s brown color is gone, and instead, we’re looking at a clear liquid that might fool someone into thinking it’s water.

At the end of the day, there’s no reason to mix these two substances and the resulting liquid is certainly toxic, so don’t even think about drinking it if you want to try this at home.

That said, check out CrazyRussianHacker’s video below to see this Coke-bleach miracle yourself.

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