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A look at all the best movies from 2016

Best Movies Of 2016

As far as movies are concerned, it’s always hard to tell how good a particular year was for film until a few years after the fact. While some films are instant-classics, some films might be popular upon release but will ultimately fail to stand the test of time. That said, the benefit of hindsight allows us to really look back and figure out which years were in film were truly special.

As a quick example, 1994 is largely considered to be one of the best years in movie history. In fact, in the fall of 1994, all of the following films could be found playing concurrently in theaters: The Shawshank Redemption, Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction and Forrest Gump. As far as a Mount Rushmore of great films is concerned, that’s a pretty solid list.

With 2016 about to come to a close, it’s that time of year where movie buffs like to look back and take stock of the year gone by in film. The last 12 months have undoubtedly been kind to movie lovers as we’ve seen a wide range of compelling and entertaining films, including DeadpoolCaptain America: Civil War, La La Land, Moonlight, Ghostbusters and more. At the same time, 2016 also saw a number of highly-anticipated yet ultimately lackluster films, with Suicide Squad and Jason Bourne being two prime examples.

To help sift through the noise and move past the hype, Lifehacker recently put together one of the best “Top movies of 2016” lists I’ve seen yet.

Some of the titles that made Lifehacker’s list include the following: American Honey, Hell or High Water, Sing Street, and Little Men.

Two great movies I recently saw myself happened to make the list, and better yet, they’re both still playing in theaters. They include La La Land and Moonlight, whose trailers are embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Make sure to check out Lifehacker’s full rundown of the top movies of 2016 via the source link below.

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