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Newly revealed ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ deleted scene would’ve been crazy, but it can’t happen now

Avengers: Infinity War

As amazing it is for fans of the MCU to watch massive movies like Infinity War, Endgame, and plenty of other Avengers crossovers, it must be incredibly hard to piece them together to fit the main narrative. Often times, cool ideas that would make so much sense on their own are discarded to streamline the story. Some of these ideas are tossed out after being partially filmed, that’s why we’ve seen so many deleted scenes from Marvel movies that might not have helped the overall story despite being great on their own. Others are cut even before they’re shot like the amazing scene that would have added so much depth to Rhodey’s character. As we’ve already explained, there’s a good reason that particular scene was removed from the Infinity War story. But it turns out Marvel had been toying with another great idea for Infinity War, but it’s one that we now have no chance of ever seeing in a future Marvel flick.

The same designer who revealed the art for War Machine’s PTSD moment also posted images on Instagram that show a different version of an epic scene from Avengers: Infinity War. This one is also from early on in the movie, when Iron Man and Spider-Man get on Ebony Maw’s ship to save Doctor Strange. A version of the scene would have had Tony sending his armor to cover Strange’s body while he was being tortured by Maw:

But wait, it gets even better, as artist John Staubart shared a slew of additional images that take the concept even further. In the following sequence of images, you’ll see Tony Stark wearing Strange’s magical Cloak of Levitation, and Strange doing the sparkly thing that he does all the time with his hands, but this time while wearing the Iron Man armor.

Ultimately, not having these scenes in Infinity War makes plenty of sense. The way the Avengers defeated Maw was perfect and hilarious. They avoided a full-fledged battle by reverting to that trick that Spider-Man thought of from the movie Aliens. It only worked because Maw wasn’t expecting any sort of conflict. Dressing Strange in Iron Man’s armor would have totally given away the fact that Stark was on the ship, and it would’ve ruined the element of surprise.

Iron Strange and… Tony in the Doctor’s cape would have been an amazing thing to see, and the banter between them would have been awesome. But it’s a funny exchange that we’ll never get now that Stark is dead. That said, it could happen down the road in a different timeline if Marvel will ever want to reuse these concepts. Better yet, what if the studio uses the concept in the What If…? TV series that will propose alternate events from some of the pivotal moments in the MCU?

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