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Brilliant theory says defeating Thanos isn’t the real problem in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Updated Mar 21st, 2019 8:23AM EDT
Avengers: Endgame Theories
Image: Marvel Studios

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There’s no question that the Avengers will beat Thanos and bring some sort of order back to the universe in Endgame, “whatever it takes.” After all, Marvel will show us the only scenario where they prevail, not one of the more than 14 million others where they lose. Sure, it’ll be difficult, and we’re probably in for a bitter sweet victory that will demand some sort of sacrifices, but, ultimately, Thanos will be beaten. A new theory says that defeating Thanos will not actually be the main problem for the surviving Avengers. And unlike other theories and purported leaks that say there’s another villain in the film, this one proposes a different scenario: Undoing the snap will be the most difficult thing that Tony Stark and Co. will have to do.

Reddit user repfect68 believes that Thanos will be defeated in the first 20 minutes of the game. He bases his theory, which received plenty of attention on Reddit, on two Endgame scenes that have been confirmed in the past few weeks. First of all, Carol Danvers will return to Earth soon after receiving Fury’s distress signal in Infinity Warwe know that from the Captain Marvel post-credits scenes and the second trailer. Secondly, footage from Disney’s recent shareholders meeting told us that Captain Marvel will encourage the others to go after Thanos, and the Avengers will be using information from Rocket and Nebula to track his whereabouts. Not to mention that Thor now knows he’ll have to aim for the head

But once they beat Thanos, according to this theory, they’ll run into a massive problem. Either his Infinity Gauntlet will be inoperable following the Snap, or they’ll lack the knowledge or power to use it. And they do need some sort of device to be able to wield the power of the Infinity Stones at once.

The Avengers won’t give up, but they’ll have to wait a while to find a solution, the Redditor says, with Ant-Man being the hero that delivers the missing piece of the puzzle:

Months or years gone by, when the wheel [start spinning] again. Suddenly Ant-Man shows up after such a long time, (we saw in first trailer) and Cap does not believe his eyes. Which is totally understandable, Ant-Man is counted missing like the other half of all life (we saw this as well in trailers).

Ant-Man say ‘Hi, I have just come back from a trip to Quantum Realm’ and they let him explain. He is not the brightest of minds but has access to Pym’ particles and tech that the geniuses of Avengers can use. They put together the plan of traveling through the Quantum Realm, time vortex etc super deep science stuff. All the information, scenes from trailers, time gone by, and the transformations of clothes, hairstyle etc are all supporting my theory.

In the next chapter, the team must ‘start over’ meaning they go back to the beginning which is the first Avengers film. They will prevent the Snap, and make some sacrifices. That doesn’t mean death, but good things maybe that happened, and we all see in previous movies we like. So a lot of good stuff is being undone that made this past 10 years MCU what it is. A complete start over is happening.

I don’t necessarily agree that there won’t be any major hero deaths in Endgame. That would be the easy way out for Marvel. As much as we’ll hate saying goodbye to some of our favorite superheroes, the best way for some of them to leave the MCU is by sacrificing themselves for the team and the greater good.

Also, changing the events in any of the MCU films we’ve seen so far could alter the timeline significantly, which is probably not something any of the Avengers want. Whatever they do, they have to keep the timeline intact so that Thanos does snap his fingers before they revive everyone.

Finally, I’ll also add that defeating Thanos early in the film isn’t even required in the first act, as long as it’s clear to everyone involved in that first battle that the gauntlet can’t be used again.

The theory stands out because it does contain a major detail for the Endgame plot, that Thanos isn’t the main problem for the Avengers.

Avengers: Endgamelaunches on April 26th, but this brand new theory is available in full, below.

Thanos defeated in the first 20 minutes of endgame from FanTheories

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