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Brand new ‘Avengers: Endgame’ spoilers just leaked from a scene only a few people saw

Avengers: Endgame Spoilers

Last week, Disney showed brand new footage from Avengers: Endgame during its shareholders meeting, revealing quite a few spoilers for Avengers 4 in the process. It turns out that the people who saw the scene have even more details to spill about what will happen in the upcoming Avengers movie. If you want to avoid spoilers, now’s the time to close this page so you can avoid the following details from Endgame.

Last week we learned that the Avengers are so eager to fight Thanos again that they’ll go searching for him in the universe as soon as Captain Marvel arrives on Earth, and as soon as Tony Stark and Nebula return. We already know from the Captain Marvel credits scenes that she’ll return to Earth shortly after the snap, and she’ll appear out of the blue at the Avengers compound just as they try to decipher the mystery of the pager that Nick Fury left behind.

We have no idea how Tony Stark and Nebula return to Earth, but the clip that Disney showed makes it clear they will indeed come back home. Nebula is very important to the story, and it looks like she knows where Thanos is hiding. Scott Ladewig, the same person who provided a detailed description of the new Endgame footage, is now back with more details about Nebula’s lines:

It’s already well established that Thanos did not teach his daughters to lie. We see that referenced in Guardians as well as in Infinity War, so Thanos probably told them the truth when he mentioned this planet.

This detail seems to suggest that Thanos does indeed believe that he has accomplished his mission, further reinforcing what we’ve already seen in the first Endgame trailer. Thanos is on a quiet planet, and he has a Gladiator-like moment while walking through his crops. His armor, meanwhile, is fitted on a pole as an improvised scarecrow. And everything screams “retirement plan” now that we have Nebula’s revelations on hand.

Avengers: Endgame launches on April 26th, and Marvel should release one more trailer at some point in the coming weeks before the movie hits the big screen.

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