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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ offers up clues to the plot of ‘Avengers 4’

Avengers 4 directors

Samsung and Apple could learn a thing or two from Marvel and Disney. Despite producing massive blockbuster films year after year, the studios manage to keep virtually every important secret under wraps until the actual release date. Avengers 4 is coming out in nine months, but we still don’t even know its real title.

In fact, we know almost nothing concrete about the highly-anticipated sequel (other than the fact that most of our favorite superheroes will likely be resurrected), but in a recent video interview with Wired, directors Anthony and Joe Russo were feeling more generous than usual. There aren’t any major spoilers (or even specific details) in the video below, but there are a few tidbits than give us an idea of story beats we’ll see in Avengers 4.

Captain America and Black Widow

In a video talking about every hero that appeared in Avengers: Infinity War, the Russo brothers talk about why Black Widow is one of the most interesting characters to write for. She’s among the only Avengers that was introduced as a villain, which makes her a perfect foil (and companion) for moral paragon Captain America. The two of them, along with Falcon, formed the Secret Avengers after Civil War, although Falcon was dusted at the end.

You can’t go on the run without it affecting you emotionally. So, I think all of those characters, but specifically the ones who survived Infinity War — Cap and Natasha — we’ll see them with a much harder edge.


Just a few short months after Black Panther took the world by storm, we returned to Wakanda for the final battle of Avengers: Infinity War. Based on the following quote from the Russos, it sounds like we’ll find ourselves back in the highly-advanced African country sooner rather than later in the MCU:

Black Panther has tremendous potential as a character in the Marvel universe, and I think Wakanda is essential to whatever may happen post-Infinity War to how the world may deal with what has happened to them. […] The technology that Wakanda has at its disposal is valuable to repairing the world moving forward.

Those are the highlights, but the entire video is worth watching, especially if you’ve forgotten any of Infinity War:

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