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Best wireless borescope cameras ahead of Black Friday 2022

Updated Nov 8th, 2022 11:43AM EST
Image: Maren Estrada for BGR

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Unless you’re a regular BGR Deals reader, you might not have even heard of something called a wireless borescope camera before now. Don’t feel bad because most people out there probably have no idea what these little gadgets are.

Once you try out one of these awesome little gadgets, however, you’ll love it. You’ll also be so mad that you’re only learning about it now. Among BGR Deals readers, they’re best-sellers anytime they go on sale.

And today, there are some wireless borescope camera deals that you should definitely take advantage of. These offers are among the best early Black Friday 2022 deals you’ll find right now, so don’t miss out!

Featured deals in this article:

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Borescope cameras are basically snake cameras that can see inside almost anything. And wireless models connect to your smartphone to use as a viewfinder. This week, several different wildly popular models from Depstech are on sale at or close to all-time low prices.

Offers include the #1 best-selling model for $37.99, matching the great deal we saw during the Prime Early Access Sale. Or, you can get the new ultra-thin Depstech WF070 for even less — just $34.82!

Amazon’s big wireless borescope sale is set to end this coming Sunday. That means you only have a few days to take advantage of these awesome deals!

Amazon’s wireless borescope camera deals

Wireless borescope camera deal at AmazonImage source: Depstech/Amazon

Depstech’s borescope cameras offer great features and nifty add-ons. Additionally, you can snake them inside practically anything to see where no other camera can

Right now, Amazon is offering fantastic deals on several different models. They have all been quite popular with our readers in the past so you should definitely check them out.

Wondering how good this week’s deals are? Well, the #1 best-selling Depstech WF010 Wireless Borescope is down to $37.99 from $50. That’s within a few dollars of this listing’s lowest price of the year, so it’s definitely a deal you won’t want to miss! Just make sure you clip the Amazon coupon to get this price.

Wondering how good this deal really is? Well, the same exact model costs nearly twice as much right now if you buy it at Walmart!

The Depstech WF010 wireless borescope camera is a wildly popular “snake camera”. It connects to your iPhone or Android handset so it can see inside just about anything.

It also connects wirelessly, so you don’t have to worry about any cables or physical connectors. Simply snake the semi-rigid tube into any tight space and the WF010 beams video back to your phone.

Of note, you can record the video feed or capture photos if you want. Also, you can use attachments like a little hook to help fish jewelry or keys out of tight spaces.

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

On top of that, the newer version is on sale at a great price. Or, you can get it for even less if you subscribe to Amazon Prime!

The Depstech WF070 is the thinnest wireless borescope camera we’ve seen. Remarkably, it retails for just $50, which is the same as the older WF010 model.

Grab one today while it’s on sale, and you’ll only pay $34.82 if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber. That’s an amazing price for this brand-new, ultra-thin model!

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More deep discounts

A wireless borescope camera is definitely an awesome accessory to have on hand. It’s also a best-seller among our readers anytime it gets a discount. That includes right now! You can get this perennial best-selling model today for the same price it was back on Black Friday last year.

On top of that, there are also a few other Depstech borescope deals that are available right now on Amazon.

Wireless borescope camera from DepstechImage source: Depstech

The first deal we’ll mention is on a different type of setup. Instead of connecting wirelessly to your smartphone, this model has its own displays built right in.

The $80 Depstech DS300 Dual-Lens Borescope is down to just $63.99 thanks to a deep discount and a clippable coupon. This is the most popular model among our readers who choose a borescope with an integrated display instead of one that connects wirelessly to your smartphone.

You can also upgrade to the brand-new Depstech DS350 Borescope for $71.99 instead of $120. This is a massive 47% discount that slashes it to the same price as the aforementioned older model. But it’s also a special deal that won’t last long.

Last but not least, if you still want to use your phone instead of an integrated display but you also want a big upgrade from the entry-level WF010 model, we’ve got two great options.

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

The popular Depstech WF028 wireless borescope with a 16.5-foot yellow camera is down to $39.99 today. This is an awesome model that’s super popular with our readers. That’s even less than Black Friday’s price from last year!

Also, there’s a new dual-lens Depstech WF028 that’s a huge upgrade. As you might have guessed, this model features two lenses instead of one so you get multiple views at once. The dual-lens version of the WF028 retails for $88, but it’s down to just $56.69 thanks to a discount and a coupon you can clip.

New models on sale

All the deals above cover popular wireless borescope cameras our readers love. But there are also some more discounts on new models that people might not know about yet.

First, the brand-new Depstech WF070-DL is a dual-lens version of the ultra-thin WF070 we mentioned above. It retails for $70 but it’s down to $62.99 this week.

Then there’s the new triple-lens Depstech DS380TL borescope, which has its own screen and can see in three directions at once. This $100 model is on sale for $74.99 right now.

And finally, the Depstech DS580 is a professional-grade model with an upgraded design. It’s also waterproof, so you can use it practically anywhere.

This model retails for a whopping $200. Right now, however, there’s a double discount that slashes it to just $105.99.

Wireless borescope camera deals like these typically don’t stick around for very long. That means you’ll need to hurry up or you’ll miss out on this great opportunity to save

#1 best-selling Depstech WF010 Borescope

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

Depstech WF070 Ultra-Thin Wireless Borescope (new model!)

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

Depstech WF070-DL Wireless Borescope

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

Depstech WF028 Wireless Borescope Camera

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

Upgraded WF028 Dual-Lens Borescope

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

Depstech DS300 Dual-Lens Wireless Borescope

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

Depstech DS350 Borescope

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

Brand-new Depstech DS380TL triple-lens borescope

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

Depstech DS580 waterproof professional-grade borsecope

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

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