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The brand new Dreo air purifier blends technology and lifestyle

Updated Apr 18th, 2022 7:55PM EDT
Sitting on the floor is an air purifier
Image: Dreo

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Taking a deep breath and being hit with a refreshing burst of clean air is all anyone wants. Breathing in crisp air makes you feel good and gets you ready to tackle your next task. But not everyone is so lucky as pollutants in the air can be particularly plentiful at times. The air quality in an area may provide lasting consequences if it is not favorable. You should keep your home as safe as possible, and the new Dreo air purifier is here to help you.

Newest innovation from Dreo

An air purifier outside
The Dreo air purifier outdoors. Image source: Dreo

Dreo is a brand known for reshaping how we think about home appliances, especially ones that have to do with air. With tower fans, space heaters, air fryers, and more, it aims to integrate this kind of technology into every home. The latest innovation in the air landscape is the new Dreo air purifier. Having just launched, the air purifier helps blend technology and lifestyle for you at home.

Dreo air purifier features

This is all about changing the air around you frequently, so you’re breathing in the freshest air possible in your home. It changes air 4.8 times per hour for the room that it’s in. For rooms up to 679 sq. ft., the Dreo air purifier changes the air every 30 minutes. It’s ideal for rooms that are 283 sq. ft. Also, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers independently validated that.

The three-stage H13 True HEPA+ Carbon filter is tested by SGS, ECARF and it also captures 99.97% of particles. It works for particles as small as 0.3 microns. It is ENERGY STAR-certified, so it’ll help you save money each month on your electric bill. In this day and age, saving money where you can is a huge boost. Running this for a week only costs $0.30 when it’s run in Auto mode.

Who the Dreo air purifier is good for

This is great for anybody, whether you’re single or have a family. It is safe to use in any home and makes the home safer. For those of you who own pets, this is a terrific product to have in your home, as it will keep dander and dirt out of the air. It’s especially helpful for those with breathing issues and anyone with bad allergies. It eliminates dust, pollen, and dust mites from the air. That makes your home cleaner, even when you leave the windows open in the spring (which we all can’t wait for soon.)

Why add it to your home

Helping you breathe easier is Dreo’s main focus and the Dreo air purifier was made for that. It adds a better quality of life and also offers new technology to interested consumers. At just $149.99, it won’t make a huge dent in your wallet and, thanks to its energy efficiency, it will save money too. You can get this right now and also include it with other Dreo products in your home. The Dreo air purifier can be a great addition for you and your family. Purchase at Amazon or

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