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Best Echo Dot deals for June 2024

Updated Jun 11th, 2024 12:51PM EDT
Image: Maren Estrada for BGR

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There are Echo Dot deals all the time at Amazon. That is surely a big part of the reason why it’s the single best-selling Alexa smart speaker that Amazon has ever made. Now that the New Year has arrived, the company is offering some impressive Echo Dot deals and other sales on Echo devices.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find deals on the Echo Dot and other popular Echo smart speakers that Amazon makes. Plus, there are some special bundle deals available right now that get you free or discounted stuff along with your Echo speaker.

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Amazon had so many impressive deals last month on the Echo Dot and other Echo smart home devices. The bad news is that all of those deals have now ended. But the good news is that there are a few solid deals that have popped up to replace them.

Some of the best deals right now are sales that get you four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free with the Echo Dot or with the Echo Pop. The Echo Dot bundle will cost you $29.99 instead of $90, while the Echo Pop bundle is even cheaper at $19.99, down from $80.

If you’re not interested in Amazon Music Unlimited, or if you’re already a subscriber, there are still other great options for you at the same exact prices. Namely, you can bundle your Echo Dot 5th-Gen with a TP-Link Kasa LED smart bulb for just $44.62, and the same Echo Pop bundle is $34.62 instead of $63.

Or, you can always get these speakers on their own, especially since a new sale just kicked off. The Echo Dot is down to $29.99, which is the lowest price of the season. Or, you can pick up as many Echo Pop speakers as you want for just $19.99 each.

We’ll tell you all about those Echo deals and more in this extensive guide.

Echo Dot deals & Echo smart speakers on sale

Amazon Echo Dot 4Image source: Maren Estrada for BGR

Amazon typically offers at least a few impressive Echo speaker deals at any given time. Right now, however, the deals are even better than the ones we typically see on Amazon — especially if you’re a Prime subscriber.

First and foremost, the new Echo Pop retails for $39.99, which is a terrific price. This is basically a replacement for the Echo Dot 3rd-Gen that everyone loved so much. It has a far more modern design though, as well as better sound quality and better microphones so Alexa can hear you from farther away.

Currently, while Amazon is running a special sale, you can pick up the Echo Pop with four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for $19.99 instead of $80.

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On top of that, there’s one other deal available on the Echo Pop.

Instead of just purchasing one on its own or with AMU, you can get the Echo Pop bundled with a TP-Link Kasa LED smart bulb, and you’ll save some money. This isn’t the biggest discount on this bundle, but it’s still a solid deal.

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TP-Link Kasa is one of the top smart home brands out there, so that’s a great deal. Sengled is another up-and-coming name in the smart home space, though, and there’s an even better deal on Sengled bundles.

Just like the TP-Link Kasa bundle packs, you can get the Echo Dot and Echo Pop bundled with Sengled smart LED bulbs as well. But in this case, the bulbs are 100% free! That means you can score an Echo Dot with a Sengled LED bulb for $29.99, or an Echo Pop with a Sengled bulb for $19.99.

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Meanwhile, if you want the latest and greatest Alexa speakers that Amazon offers, there are some Echo Dot 5th-Gen deals with your name all over them.

Like the Pop, Amazon’s 5th-generation Echo Dot doesn’t have a discount on its own right now. But the good news is that you can still save big when you bundle a TP-Link Kasa LED smart bulb with your purchase.

Also, as I mentioned, however, make sure you don’t buy one on its own. You can add four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free.

The current-generation speaker has a totally new design compared to the old 3rd-gen model that was a best-seller for so many years. It also has improved speaker quality, more mics that have better far-field performance, and much better sound quality.

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Finally, if you don’t want free bulbs or AMU, you can also get both of those speakers on their own with deep discounts. I’m not sure why anyone would turn down free stuff, but who am I to judge?

The Echo Pop on its own is currently on sale for $19.99, down from $40. Or, you can save $10 on the Echo Dot 5th-Gen and get one for $29.99.

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Those are all great deals on the Echo Dot and more, and they’ll likely last until at least the end of the week. Also of note, you can check out all of the current Amazon device deals right here.

Echo Dot & Amazon Music Unlimited bundle

Echo Dot deals on AmazonImage source: Amazon

UPDATE: Amazon has paused its $0.99 Echo Dot deal, which had previously been the focus of this guide. This deal has been paused many times over the past couple of years. Each time, it typically returns after a few weeks. In the meantime, we’ll keep this information here, and you can check back periodically to see when the deal returns. We’ve also rounded up all the best alternative Echo Dot deals and other Echo deals that are currently available.

Our readers’ favorite Echo Dot deal of all time is the sale that slashes the Echo Dot and Amazon Music Unlimited bundle for just $9.98.

Since AMU costs $8.99 (or $9.99 without Prime), that means you’re getting an Echo Dot for only $0.99! Needless to say, that’s the lowest price ever.

It’s important to note that the AMU subscription will automatically renew each month, of course, and if you like it you can keep it and ditch Spotify or Apple Music. Or, if you’d rather stick with what you know, that’s okay too. Just go to this page and you’ll be able to cancel anytime. You’ll find a list of all your subscriptions on that Amazon page. Beneath each one, there is a link that will let you cancel it.

Here are the terms & conditions for this fantastic Echo Dot deal. The biggest takeaways are that not everyone is eligible, and this limited-time deal.

As always, Amazon isn’t clear at all when it comes to who is eligible. Your best bet is simply to try it out to see if you can get in on the action. If you can’t, you’ll see a message on the deal page that reads, “The offer is currently available to eligible customers. Select a different configuration to continue with purchase.”

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

Also of note, we have no idea when this deal ends.

Amazon typically specifies an end date, but there’s nothing to be found in the terms & conditions. That just means you should probably take advantage now unless you’re okay with missing out on the action.

Other top Amazon tech deals

As we mentioned, there’s one big problem with these fantastic Echo Dot deals: some of the best offers are not available to everyone. If you’ve already tried Amazon Music Unlimited, for example, you’re sadly not eligible for the $0.99 Echo Dot even when it’s available to everyone else.

Amazon logo in blue on a black background with brick textureImage source: zobaair/Adobe

Of course, the good news is that there are tons of other deals available right now on Amazon. Some of our readers’ favorite offers right now include AirPods for just $89, AirPods Pro 2 for $189, a rare discount on the MyQ smart garage door controller, and the M2 MacBook Air 13-inch is down to just $849, which is an all-time low.

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite sales happening right now on Amazon.

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