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Best pool cleaner robot deals: Hassle-free pool cleaning for $299

Published Aug 10th, 2022 7:43AM EDT
Image: Maren Estrada for BGR

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Do you cringe every single time you have to clean your pool? Well, trust us when we tell you that you’re definitely not alone. That’s why you need to check out a pair of the best pool cleaner robot deals on Amazon.

Having a pool in your backyard is amazing! But having to worry about cleaning it constantly is not. This year, we’ll introduce you to a pair of amazing little devices that will completely change your pool routine.

We’re talking about the Paxcess Cordless PA3052 Robot Pool Cleaner and the Paxcess 5000 Robot Pool Cleaner, both of which are on sale right now at the lowest prices we’ve seen. In fact, the new lower price of the flagship PA3052 model might be Amazon’s best pool cleaner robot deal of the year!

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Amazon’s best pool cleaner robot deals

Pool cleaning robots have been popular for quite a long time. That’s because they help eliminate some of the most annoying parts of pool maintenance. As great as they are, however, they often come with little issues of their own.

Sometimes they get stuck and sometimes the hoses come off. Other times, they flip and can’t right themselves, or they just get clogged. If you love the concept but can’t stand all the annoying little problems that pop up, we have an awesome solution.

No, we’re not going to suggest that you go back to a manual pool vacuum to clean your pool and we’re definitely not going to tell you to break out your old scrubbing brush. Instead, you should definitely check out one of Paxcess’s awesome cordless pool cleaning robots!

The Paxcess Cordless PA3052 Robot Pool Cleaner is a particularly powerful product for any pool owner. We were recently sent a model to test and we have to say… cleaning your pool any other way will seem crazy after you give this awesome robotic pool cleaner a shot.

It’s completely cordless and there’s no hose or anything else to worry about, and it has a large battery that runs for up to 3 hours per charge. It’s a powerful pool cleaner that scrubs all the filth off of your pool floor.

Did we say “pool floor?” This awesome robot can also climb the walls of your pool. That means it’ll cover every square inch!

Huge price cut

Paxcess’s flagship cordless pool cleaner is fantastic, but it’s also a pricey proposition. When it first launched last year, it retailed for $1,400. Of course, it was worth every penny at that price since it takes all the hassle out of pool cleaning. But just because it’s worth $1,400 doesn’t mean you should pay $1,400.

Amazon has since slashed the retail price to just $699.99. That’s an amazing price, and it’s less than half what this model cost last year!

If you love the idea of this awesome pool cleaning gadget but $700 is still way outside your budget, there’s another option you should definitely consider instead.

The Paxcess Cordless 5000 Robot Pool Cleaner is nearly as impressive as the flagship PA3052 model, but it costs much less at $370. And thanks to the new lower retail price, it’s only $299.99 today! That’s an absolute steal, but the deal might end soon so you’ll need to hurry.

Whichever Paxcess robot you end up going with, it’s going to be a game-changer for you this summer. Don’t miss out!

Paxcess Cordless PA3052 Robot Pool Cleaner

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Paxcess Cordless 5000 Robot

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