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This crazy camouflage tent on Amazon is transparent from inside, and it’s making my brain hurt

Published May 31st, 2021 11:04AM EDT
Image: Rhino Blinds

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Magic is real. If you don’t believe me, you’ll come around as soon as you watch the insane video embedded below. Seriously, this HAS to be some kind of black magic, right?!

Okay fine, so it’s just a truly brilliant design and not ACTUAL magic. The design uses a special kind of scrim that appears opaque when lit from the front but can be seen through when lit from behind. It’s still easily one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a very, very long time. It’s called the Rhino Blinds R180 See-Through Hunting Blind, and it’s available right now at Amazon.

Needless to say, you don’t need to be a hunter to pick up a Rhino Blinds R180 See-Through Hunting Blind. How awesome would it be to camp in this thing?! You’ll be sheltered from all the elements and you get about the same privacy you’d get from any normal tent when it’s all zipped up and closed. But you also get a crystal clear view of everything around you! Sit back and enjoy the scenery… relax and stare out at the sky… it’s so awesome! You can even use it at night and gaze out at the stars — as long as there are no lights on inside the tent, no one can see inside.

Of course, this tent is designed for hunters and that’s who will benefit from it most. After all, it’s a hunting blind and not actually a traditional tent. Even beginners are well aware of how important it is to stay out of sight so you don’t scare off game, and that often means perching in a tree on a deer stand for hours on end. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable on the ground though?

This awesome hunting blind lets you hide in plain sight. Literally. You can set it up just about anywhere and it’ll blend right in with the woods around you. As long as the openings are all zipped up and there are no light sources that are turned on inside the tent, you’ll essentially be invisible. It’s so crazy! It’ll even work at night as long as there are no lights on inside, though not many people go hunting at night.

With Father’s Day 2021 right around the corner, the Rhino Blinds R180 See-Through Hunting Blind is the perfect gift for any dad who enjoys hunting. Even if he doesn’t enjoy hunting but is an outdoorsman who likes camping, this could be an awesome way to have a totally unique experience in the wilderness.

Oh, and if you don’t trust that video from the manufacturer and think it has somehow been doctored, here’s a viral TikTok that shows the tent in action:


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Definitely check it out!

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

Here are the key takeaways:

  • The Rhino Blinds R180 See-Through Hunting Blind fits up to three adults comfortably
  • It’s opaque from the outside with a camouflage pattern, but transparent from the inside thanks to a special mesh material
  • It measures 66″ tall, it’s 75″ by 75″ from hub to hub, and has a floor print of 58″ by 58″
  • There are two see-through mesh panels that provide 180 degrees of almost completely unobstructed view
  • Special “silent-slide” technology lets you easily adjust the 270 degrees of window openings without scaring off game
  • The oversized door is zipperless for silent entry and exit
  • Box includes brush loops, tie-down stakes, and ropes
Amazon Logo Available on Amazon
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