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10 best paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

Best Free iPhone Apps

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As you’ve undoubtedly learned throughout the years, paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free are a dime a dozen. The problem is that so many apps go on sale each day that most people don’t even know where to begin. Well, you can begin right here. We assemble the best premium apps that go on sale for free each day, and you’ll find 10 great options in Wednesday’s post. There are also a few more freebies remaining on yesterday’s list, so be sure to check them out.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $0.99.

Thousands of people have already downloaded Timerly! What are you waiting for?

Timerly is great for HIIT, Tabata, Workouts, Circuit Training, CrossFit, Running, Cycling, Yoga and much more!

Simply create your own routine by adding series and exercises or take a look at the gallery, if you find something you like, you can download it.

Using Timerly is really easy. Its design is intuitive, minimalistic and it is focused for the people who love sport and don’t want to loose any time looking for buttons, reading small texts, etc.

If you have a routine that you would like to share with someone there is no problem! You can share your routines with a link so others can download them.

When the timer is being played, once you complete an exercise, Timerly will automatically start the next one and play a sound to notify you (you can choose the sound). The screen won’t lock automatically when the timer is playing, but you can lock the buttons so you don’t touch something by mistake!

If you enjoy using Timerly we would love if you rate us! And of course if you have any feedback to improve our app don’t hesitate and let us know in the app’s contact section.

Download Timerly

The Party Light Supreme

Normally $0.99.

The Party Light Supreme has a bunch of different modes that react to music/whatever sound the microphone on your phone picks up.
You can choose if you want it to react to bass or volume.
-Strobe Mode uses the camera flash as a strobe light (sorry, iPad users)
-Flash Mode uses the color of your choice and flashes on the screen
-Fade Mode uses the color of your choice and screen brightness depends on volume or bass
-Multi Mode uses the screen as a strobe light with a different color for every flash
-All of the modes are explained in the app

Here’s why it’s supreme:
Twice as many modes as the free version with more on the way
Sensitivity setting is saved instead of reverting to the default every time
Bass mode
Everything loads way faster
No ads

Download The Party Light Supreme


Normally $0.99.

Peace is a surreal exploration through sounds such as rain, log fire, ocean waves, streams, wind, thunder, animals, bells, and etc.


Current themes:

Baby sleeping
Tropical forest
Thunder storm

Download Peace


Normally $1.99.

Sing a beat and have it automatically and instantly converted to a drum machine beat! Plus you can record audio tracks to fully capture your musical ideas – super fast. It’s the ultimate musical sketchpad.

The revolutionary VoxBeat drum machine analyzes the kick, snare and hat sounds that you sing (“beatbox”), and assigns high-impact stereo drum samples to your beatboxed kick, snare, and hat sounds. It’s amazing and intuitive. It is the easiest and fastest way to program beats: just sing them. You can also just touch the screen to enter or correct drum hits, in real time.

You can also add audio tracks to capture your ideas. Make a beat, sing a bass line, play guitar, sing a melody, mix, add effects if you like. Then you can export to WAV or AudioCopy, or link to another app via Inter-App Audio. Email your ideas or import via iTunes.

VoxBeat is the ultimate musical sketch pad looper and features:
-Five drum kits with 9 sounds each
-Additional drum kit groups for only .99 cents
-6 tracks total (3 for drums, and 3 for either drums or audio)
-Training capability to better recognize your own voice’s kick, snare and hat sounds
-Preset saving and total recall
-Quantize and swing settings
-Crazy beat subdivisions if desired
-Delay, LowPass, HighPass and Band Pass effects for each track.

Works best on iPhone 5 and higher!

Download VoxBeat


Normally $0.99.

Forever is an easy and clean way to keep your daily notes lists and ideas in one place. Simple, inspiring design, for notes and daily to do’s.

It’s quick and efficient and iCloud supported.

Download Forever

Cup O Balls

Normally $1.99.

Play through 70+ levels of high precision puzzles as you avoid obstacles that will test your precision. Cup O Balls: A Physics Game is a fun and difficult game that requires great precision.

Cup O Balls: A Physics Game is an indie puzzle game.
—- Important —-

Cup O Balls: A Physics Game is optimized for the iPhone 5S. This game does not run properly on 4S iPhones! It is strongly recommended that users update to at least iOS7 before purchasing this game. If you experience any odd touch issues, please contact with detailed information on your issue. Thanks!
—- Cup O Balls: A Physics Game Overview —-

Can you get all 210 stars?

The balls must drop into the cups. Each cup will light up when the quota is met. There will be various sized cups as you progress through the game.

The first 3 levels are the starter levels. The crowned levels on the Level Select screen are the skill challenge levels. The first skill challenge will be introduced at level 10. These levels require more precision than the other levels.

• Includes 70+ challenging levels,
• Over 200+ stars to collect,
• Two game modes,
• Game Center leaderboard & achievements,
• Minimalist design for iOS,
• Addictive gameplay for all ages.

Download Cup O Balls

Free Music

Normally $1.99.

Play Your Favorite Music!

Search and play your favorite songs on your iPhone/iPod/iPad anytime and anywhere.
Enjoy unlimited free music and millions of songs, albums, playlists, full concerts and much more!

Key Features:

– Play Your favorite tunes
– Search any artist, song or album
– Supercharged music player
– Create your own playlists
– Download songs from iTunes
– One tap music streaming
– Artist Top 20 songs list
– Shuffle & repeat functions
– Background music playback
– Lock Screen playback controls
– Share music via social networks
– Favorites & history folders
– Album artwork
– iPhone & iPad support

Download Free Music

Altimter B.E.K

Normally $1.99.

Modern Altimeter GPS+ app is for folks who care for hiking and biking in mountainous terrain. GPS is getting very accurate in terms of distance indication. The choice between unit system is perhaps an important thing, just for your convenience the app is being equipped with both of them (Imperial and Metric). Surprisingly strong barometer measures the weight of the air pressure above a given point and determines elevation of two points.
This app has a creative and user-friendly style design, simple and comprehensive functionalities. Features included
– Imperial and Metric unit settings.
– GPS accuracy indicator.
– GPS distance accuracy indicator.

Track information
– Time elapsed.
– Distance.
– Average speed.
– Max speed.
– Altitude.

– Speed tracking in mph or km/h based on MPH or KM/H mode.
– Distance tracking in miles or kilometers based on MPH or KM/H mode.
– Time tracking.
– Longitude, latitude coordinates.

— Temperature information.
— Wind
— Visibility
— Sunrise,Sunset

— High/Low Temperature.

— Ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Coordinates link email/sms sending

Download Altimter B.E.K


Normally $1.99.

With Aid-Mem, you no longer need to worry about forgetting important events and tasks.
It answers the key questions: will I remember, did I remember and where was I?
Aid-Mem reminds you of tasks and events and also keeps track of where and when the reminder was issued and whether it was acknowledged.

How could Aid-Mem be used?

1. Reminders activating other reminders – send a reminder email if an important task/event has been missed.
2. Put your device on a charging stand and have Aid-Mem announce (speak) your important events for the day.
3. Email your friends automatically when you arrive at a location.
4. Reminder and location history for your diary.
5. Wake-up alarm using an acknowledgement with a periodic warning (snooze) and timeout.

Here are some of the key features:

The VoxRem screen allows reminders to be dictated. Prompts and keywords are automatically provided as the dictation proceeds. Spoken feedback is provided after the reminder is saved.

The agenda shows future and past reminders and/or locations for the next and previous week.

The monthly calendar allows selection of past, future and present agenda days.

The searchable map allows the addition and removal of locations that may be linked to reminders. Locations have an entering or leaving trigger as well as circular region whose diameter may be changed (geofencing).

Reminders may be repeated and/or acknowledged. They may belong to another reminder and may be linked to one or several locations. When the reminder becomes due, it may be spoken, displayed using an alert/notification or emailed.
If specified, a warning alert/notification may be issued up to an hour before the reminder is due.

The logs screens show recent history for all reminders or history for a selected reminder. The history details when the reminder was issued, acknowledged, not acknowledged or missed.

There are general help pages and help pages per screen (accessed by tapping the screen’s title).

There is an option to backup the Aid-Mem data in the iCloud. This also allows Aid-Mem data to be synced across your devices.

Aid-Mem can send automatic emails once a reminder is issued. To use the automatic email option, you will need an SMTP email server account.

Download Aid-Mem


Normally $1.99.

With PPLock, my mother no longer stoped me from taking private photos.
With PPLock, my mother no longer worried that I forgot my password.
With PPLock, taking pictures can also be such a shoot,who used who know.
With PPLock, Other people can’t peek at my diary.

True&Fake password double lock data, to reject the third party SDK, no networking capabilities, data encapsulation,
only to protect your data security.

1 Fake password hidden privacy data, to solve the embarrassment.
2 Multi-level directory management information.
3 Support photo (including GIF), account, bank card, diary and document management.
4 Provide interesting camera support, timer shooting.
5 Support GIF player, shooting and making gif photos.
6 Edit picture&text document.
7 Write dynamic diary.
8 One key backup and restore data (iCloud).
9 Interesting puzzle game.

Download PPLock

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