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These new ‘snore cancelling’ sleep buds gave me the best sleep I’ve had in months

Updated Oct 23rd, 2020 9:09AM EDT
Image: ZQuiet/Amazon

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  • There are countless thousands of sleep aids out there and some work better than others.
  • Before you give up and resort to sleeping pills that studies say don’t actually give you restful sleep, there’s another solution you should check out.
  • The QuietOn Premium Snore Cancelling Wireless Earbuds help drown out all the sounds around you, and they work even better than you might think.

We recently told you about one simple thing that’s 20 times more likely to cure insomnia than anything else. That’s according to a big sleep study, and there are other studies to back it up. Of course, that solution isn’t going to work for everyone, and it didn’t work for me. That’s because when I have trouble sleeping, it’s often because of slight changes in the ambient sound around me.

Even something as simple as my baseboards kicking on with the heat can wake me up, and so many other people out there are the same way. That’s why I use earplugs when I want to help ensure I get a good night’s sleep. But even then, they don’t always work, and that’s why I was so intrigued when the company reached out and asked if I wanted to try the new QuietOn Snore Cancelling Wireless Sleep Buds.

These “snore cancelling” earbuds use active noise cancellation technology just like popular Bose and Sony headphones, or like Apple’s AirPods Pro. The big difference is that these earbuds aren’t made for listening to music. Instead, you place them in your ears when you go to sleep at night and they help drown out the sounds around you while you sleep. And believe it or not, they actually worked very well for me.

Foam earplugs do work to varying degrees, but I found that the QuietOn earbuds work better. Anyone who has ever tried noise cancelling headphones knows that not even $400 headphones can completely eliminate the noise around you. But they do drown out many sounds and it’s generally quiet when you’re asleep at night, so QuietOn Sleep Buds did a great job for me.

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep and you think nearby noise might be to blame, definitely check out QuietOn Snore Cancelling Wireless Sleep Buds before you start popping Benadryl.

QuietOn Snore Cancelling Wireless Sleep Buds – $199.95

A pair of the ZQUIET snore-cancelling earbuds. Image source: Amazon

These come with multiple ear tips, allowing you to best pick the size to fit your ears. Everyone’s ears and ear canals are different sizes, so it’s nice to not have them be a one-size-fits-all deal. They also come in a convenient travel case, so you won’t lose them.

  • NEW TO MARKET TECHNOLOGY – 4X BETTER THAN FOAM EARPLUGS: Combines the advantages of in-ear passive earplugs with active noise cancelling, which produces an opposing sound that acts as a noise eraser
  • CUSTOM FIT FOR ULTIMATE COMFORT AND QUIET: Multiple sized ear tips are included to ensure you wear the ideal fit for snoring and general sound reduction as well as optimal sleep comfort
  • MULTIPLE SOUND BLOCKING MODES: Conveniently switch between two modes, hearing and silent, to hear and converse when necessary or block sound as intended
  • REUSABLE & RECHARGEABLE WITH 20-HOUR BATTERY LIFE: Convenient travel case not only provides storage and protection but also charges QuietOn earplugs in just 1 hour with a USB Charger
  • ESCAPE FROM SNORING AND SURROUNDING NOISE: Compact and functional design, keep by your bed at night, or carry QuietOn earbuds anywhere. Get relief from second-hand snoring, music, trains, traffic, or other annoying environmental sounds
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