Whether it’s a snow squall, a blizzard or just a few flakes, nobody likes to see snow rolling through their forecast when they know they have to commute home or even walk on a sidewalk. Being able to see and walk where you have to is all about safety when the winter comes around. Not being able to see black ice or not knowing there’s going to be ice underneath a fresh layer of snow is extremely problematic. While rock salt is usually frequently used to keep roads less icy, it isn’t good for dogs’ paws, as it can damage their pads. But another way to handle the bad weather is by using snow and ice melt pellets that are safe for pets. There are specific versions of ice melt that won’t affect your furry friends’ paws and will still get rid of the snow and ice. We’ve highlighted our three favorite brands that will allow you and your puppy to get home safely, even on a snowy day.

Best Large Pail of Snow and Ice Melt

If you live somewhere where snow is the normal for a few months out of the year, you’re going to want a large pail of ice melt. The Green Gobbler Pet Safe Ice Melt Fast Acting Treatment comes in multiple sizes, but the biggest of those sizes is 35 lbs. This will get the job done in even the most frigid of temperatures. Even if it’s as low as -10°F, the Green Gobbler will still melt snow and ice, as it generates exothermic heat over a short period of time. The pellets are made from magnesium chloride that’s been harvested from the Dead Sea. It is less toxic than calcium, potassium and sodium chloride. It won’t cause a rash or burn your dog’s paws and won’t make their stomachs upset if they happen to ingest any. It is not damaging to driveways, pavers, concrete, or asphalt. Because of its shape, a small round pellet, it can easily be used in any type of ice melt spreaders. This comes with a 30-day, hassle-free, money back guarantee, so it makes sense for you to give it a try before the next big snowstorm in your area.

Best Long-Lasting Snow and Ice Melt

For those who watch the forecast for the week ahead and want to be prepared for when a storm hits, the Natural Rapport Pet Friendly Ice Melt will work in advance. It works better on ice and is safe for your dog’s paws. This fast-acting “time release” formula lasts longer than most ice melts and helps preventing against de-icing your sidewalk, driveway or patio. This 10 lb jug will last a long time and the pellets are safe for children, pets, tile, carpet, rugs if they happen to be dragged inside your home. It’s safe on metal, concrete, wood but great for the outdoors. This will work three times longer than most ice melts and is less harmful to lawns and grass, if you’re worried about the chemicals that treat your yard. On the top of the jug is an easy-to-use shaker cap that provides you with the proper amount of pellets every time you use it.

Best Budget Snow and Ice Melt

Non-toxic and perfect for anyone with pets and children, the Safe Paw Ice Melter comes in three different sizes of containers. The eight-pound container is a great, cost-effective option for your home. It won’t damage your property, as it’s safe on all decking materials as well. Your dog will be fine walking around on it, as it is safe on paws, skin and eyes. It won’t damage any delicate machinery or cause any short circuits. It is 100% salt-free and biodegradable and is guaranteed to melt in freezing temperatures, even as low as -2°F. This has an excellent spread rate and can be used for a long time and is perfect for a large area. This jug has a long shelf life, as the concentrated formula assures long-term, maximum effectiveness for years on end. The top of the jug is easy to use as it can be used right away. It is guaranteed to last for up to 72 hours, making it a great choice for just about any wintry storm.