Nobody likes to have cold feet, literally. One of the worst feelings in the world is stepping out of bed in the morning and being met with the cold hardwood floor. It sets a chill up your spine that is a reminder that you’re now awake and no longer in your cozy bed anymore. If you want to save any semblance of that warm feeling, there are socks that are perfect to sleep in. While some people don’t like sleeping in socks, the sensation of waking up with frigid toes usually trumps the feeling of wearing them under the covers. For colder months, it just makes sense to keep yourself as warm as possible. We’ve highlighted three of our favorites kinds of sleep socks to have you ready to face the day when you put your feet on the ground.

Best Microfiber Socks

For the softest and fuzziest feeling, basically giving your feet the same emotions you get watching a Christmas movie, try the HASLRA Premium Soft Warm Microfiber Fuzzy Socks. Each sock is made up of a combination of 93% polyester, 5% polyurethane and 2% spandex. They each have an elastic band on the cuff, but not one that will cut off your circulation. They will just keep the sock from falling down your leg. These plush socks are made from microfiber to provide ultimate coziness and a sweat-free night for your feet. You can get these socks in many different patterns and colors and, depending on which style you select, you’ll receive three to five pairs in the pack. You can get solid colors or ones with designs on them. These are meant to be worn every day if you so choose or they can be worn just at nights. When these socks are made, they are put and sewn together using a fine needle, which provides a dense stitching to make them last a long time. They fit women’s shoe sizes 6-10. These socks are a perfect gift idea for any woman in your life.

Cutest Sleep Socks

For an adorable addition to your wardrobe, consider purchasing the BambooMN Super Soft Warm Cute Animal Face Non-Slip Fuzzy Crew Winter Home Socks. These socks offer your feet an unbelievable sense of coziness, thanks to their 99% polyester / 1% spandex blended make-up. But the reason these are the cutest socks is because of the animal faces on the toe of each one. You can get bears, monkeys, zebras, cats, cows or any of the other designs for a total of 18 different options. These socks are made to not slip down your leg or have you slip on the floor. They are perfect for relaxing around the house and keeping yourself warm and comfy all winter long. These fit women’s shoe sizes 4-10 and are great for staying at home or if you have to make a hospital stay. Any of these socks are simple to care for, as you can wash them in the washing machine on cold and they can be tumble dried on low. They are not meant to be washed with bleach or ironed.

Best Unisex Sleep Socks

Not all sleep socks are meant to be used solely by women. For socks that are equally efficient for both men and women, there are the RATIVE Anti Slip Non Skid Slipper Hospital Socks with Grips for Adults. On the bottom of these socks are super efficient grips, keeping your soles onto the floor, so you don’t slip on hardwood, tile or any slick surfaces in your home. If you happen to be walking or running in your house, these will protect you from falling. These can also be worn during yoga or pilates, making them great for athletics. Each sock is made up of 97% terylene and 3% spandex, meaning you’ll get great ventilation and your feet won’t sweat. They are soft and will dry quickly as well. They can fit both men and women’s shoe sizes up to size 16. Check out the sizing chart, so you know which size to buy, since they come in sizes small to XX-large. Each one has arch support, adding on to the secure fit to keep your feet toasty. The high quality knitted fabric won’t be torn or deformed if you wash it, so feel free to throw it in the machine. They come in assorted colors, allowing you to pick your favorites.