When owning a motor vehicle, there is seemingly no end in sight when it comes to cleaning, maintenance and, of course, replacing non-working parts of the car, big or small. Luckily, not every single car-related issue has to be disastrous— there are plenty of small, inexpensive moves that can be made to help your vehicle function in both the long and short term. One such upgrade can be something as simple as replacing the windshield wiper blades on your car. This quick, cost-effective change can make a huge difference from a safety standpoint. There’s no telling when Mother Nature’s elements might strike, and if your windshield wipers are outdated and/or on their last limb, your vision could be obstructed and impaired while driving in the rain, sleet, or snow. In short: why not spend a few dollars to prevent such an occurrence from ever happening? The answer to that question should be a no-brainer. So we decided to take your safety and well being into our own hands, in a sense, and find some of the best windshield wiper blade deals on the web right now. Luckily, it wasn’t all that hard — take a look at what we managed to find.

Most Durable Windshield Wiper Blades

If you’re looking for something ultra-durable so you don’t have to replace them again anytime soon, you should opt for something made of stainless steel, like the MOTIUM OEM QUALITY 22″ + 22″ Premium All-Season Windshield Wiper Blades. Fit for a classic J hook wiper arm, these blades are made for any type of inclimate weather. Its award-winning, bracketless beam design helps increase resistance to ice and snow build-up, making it a great option for snowy terrains. They also contain a wide range temperature tolerance between +158°F to -40°F, making them a great overall option for any type of weather. From a safety standpoint, you can’t go wrong with these blades, as all specs either meet or exceed OEM safety and durability standards. Although they’re made of rugged stainless steel, these blades still feature a flexible spine design which ensures maximum screen contact. Additionally, they feature a sleek aerodynamic to prevent the blades from lifting off, as well as provide ultra-quiet, clean, and smear-free wiping every time.

Best Windshield Wiper Blades for the Rain

Some blades are better than others when it comes to bad weather. If you want something that essentially repels water from the jump, the Rain-X 5079279-2 Latitude 2-in-1 Water Repellency Wiper Blade is a great option. These blades are essentially a 2-in-1 product that, in addition to providing smooth and streak-free wipe by contouring to the curvature of the windshield, also prevent raindrops from falling on your windshield, thanks to its patented Rain-X water-repelling coating that can be applied to the windshield by the wiper blades and can last for months at a time. An aerodynamic spoiler helps reduce noise and wind lift, ensuring that you don’t have to hear an annoying squeaking sound every time you turn the wipers on. The wiper also contains durable, synthetic blend rubber squeegees that can withstand extreme weather conditions, making this a great choice for those who live in areas susceptible to torrential downpours.

Most Versatile Wiper Blades

In terms of overall versatility, you’ll be hard pressed to find a blade better than the Michelin 8522 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Technology. If you live in an area that fully experiences all four seasons, these might be your best bet. For starters, the blades’ patented Smart Hinge cover protects each blade from getting clogged with snow, ice, and debris, allowing you to travel in any sort of inclimate weather. Furthermore, it allows the wiper to grip the windshield securely across the entire blade in order to prevent any potential visual obstructions. Each blade also features an independent suspension that perfectly contours to your windshield’s shape, which provides a safe and secure grip all the way to the ends of the blades. A segmented hardcover helps provide increased flexibility while protecting the blade itself from the elements. The blades are also made with a stealth ultra hybrid design to minimize noise and provide clean, streak-free wiping. And thanks to the blades’ EZ-Lok connection system, you can replace these blades with relative ease in the future, if need be.