Relaxation is the name of the game when you think of a tub. While we may not all get to soak as often as we’d like (you do have to block out some time for it), when the time does open up, it is marvelous. A proven way to enjoy an even more calming time in the bath is by adding some epsom salt to your tub. Epsom salt has therapeutic powers that soothes skin and promotes premiere relaxation. Even if you’re not a huge fan of taking a full bath, you’re bound to enjoy a foot soak. With any of the three salt solutions we’ve highlighted, you’ll find pure bliss among the water.

Best Bulk Bag of Epsom Salt

When you know what you like, why not get it in bulk? That’s what you can do with the Epsoak USP Epsom Salt 19 lb Bulk Bag. This epsom salt is unscented, USP grade and GMO free. Each grain is expertly selected, so it dissolves quickly and easily in warm water without any hassle. This salt is transparent or slightly white, so it won’t leave any colored residue in your tub. This salt will soothe your aches and pains and ease your muscle tension. It can also do amazing things in your garden, as it’ll boost plants to help them thrive.

Best Epsom Salt for Your Feet

Since you don’t only want to have your feet soaking when you get a pedicure, take home a bag of Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak from FineVine. This unique, seven oil foot soak is used to help tired feet and soothe calluses. Along with epsom salt, it also includes sea salt, eucalyptus, peppermint, cajuput camphor, rosemary, lavender, MSM and essential oils. This will help cure toenail fungus and athlete’s foot, as well as stubborn odors and scents. Soaking in this salt will help relieve arches and fight against irritation.

Best Epsom Salt on a Budget

If you want to test out epsom salt without buying in bulk, reach for a bag of Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Solution. This three-pound bag is extremely affordable and Dr. Teal’s comes in different scents and for different uses, such as Soothe & Sleep in lavender and Detoxify and Energize in ginger and clay. Made with pure epsom salt and natural essential oils, this solution helps you recover after a workout and gets you back to feeling like yourself. This bag is resealable and you can rub the salt into your sore muscles for a more hands-on effect. For ideal results, soak for 20 minutes two times a week.