Household accidents happen all the time. Plenty of people have missed a step going down the stairs and have slipped. Landing on your tailbone or leg can cause serious damage to your muscles or ligaments. Sitting and recovering can be painful, so you’re going to want a special seat cushion to aid in your rehab. Having a bone bruise somewhere that you’re sitting on means you’re in for some really uncomfortable days and nights. Besides ice for relief, a memory foam cushion can make sitting down more tolerable. We’ve highlighted three great options to consider if you or anyone you know is suffering.

Best Gel Seat Cushion

If you’re looking for protection and added padding for your tailbone, the ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion is certainly a strong option. It has a non-slip rubber bottom that will stay in the same place, even if you move around in the seat. There is a built-in handle that allows you to bring this cushion with you wherever you may need it. The cover is zippered, so it’s washable and it’s also velour, so it’s super soft. There’s a durable memory foam base that will contour to your body with a gel layer on top for extra comfort. It’ll help relieve pain in your lower back and give you relief if you have sciatica.

Best Rectangular Seat Cushion

For a cushion that will cover the entirety of an office chair, you’ll want to aim for the Milliard Memory Foam Seat Cushion. Measuring 18″ x 16″ x 3″, it’ll provide your entire lower half a comfortable place to sit, even for an extended period of time. This memory foam cushion relieves discomfort, aches and fatigue and contours to the shape of your bottom. It has a breathable mesh cover that you can zip off and wash easily. Put this in your car, at your desk or at the kitchen table for added support.

Best Heat Responsive Seat Cushion

The Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion works as soon as you sit on it. The advanced memory foam responds to your body heat and conforms to the shape, providing comfort where the pressure is. It is 100% pure foam with zero additives. It will help alleviate pain from bad posture and the U-shaped design is recommended by orthopedic surgeons. There is gel rubber on the bottom to keep it stable and can be used as a seat lifter or to give a driver a boost. It is portable and can even be brought on a plane to help combat those uncomfortable coach seats.