The desktop computer isn’t as popular as it once was — but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s out of the picture. In fact, there are plenty of people who prefer a smooth-running PC than an assortment of smart devices, especially when it comes to work-related tasks. Furthermore, there is no shortage of computer users who would much rather use a classic mechanical keyboard than the newer, sleeker designs that are popular today. There’s just something about their infectious clicking sounds and easy to reach keys that can’t be replaced. Luckily, there are plenty of new-age mechanical keyboards on the market, and plenty of people still buying them. If you happen to be one of said people, let’s look at some of the best mechanical keyboards on the web.

Best Mechanical Keyboard for the Office

If you’re looking for a keyboard that you can use for all of your professional needs, the Das Keyboard 4 Professional Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard is the perfect option. You’ll probably never enjoy typing more than you will on this keyboard. It features cherry MX Brown mechanical keys with gold contacts for a soft, yet tactile feel. Thanks to rugged DAS German engineering, it’s super durable and can withstand 50+ million keystrokes. It also contains a magnetically detachable footboard to raise the keyboard, an instant sleep button, oversized volume knob, and programmable media controls.

Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gamers

For gamers looking for a sleek, ergonomically-designed keyboard for all of their gaming needs, the Redragon K556 RGB LED Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a great fit. Offering tactile typing that is surprisingly quiet, this keyboard can function as a recreational gaming keyboard or even an office computer — depending on the backlight settings you prefer. It comes with 18 different backlight modes with six themed backlights for personal customization. This 100% anti-ghosting keyboard features 104 different keys, as well as eight free spare switches. Each key is easy to take off and replace, and the device supports a number of different operating systems like Windows10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Windows VISTA, amongst others.

Best Value Mechanical Keyboard

In terms of value, the Eagletec KG010 Mechanical Keyboard is a fantastic purchase. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum and ABS with plate-mounted mechanical keys, this keyboard is ultra-durable and responsive. The fast mechanical keys allow for precise actuation and tactile typing, making for an all-around enjoyable experience. It comes with a full numeric keypad, an LED backlight option, and a gold-plated corrosion-free USB connector for an instant, reliable connection.