Putting together a presentation for your boss and the new clients can be nerve-racking. But you don’t need to worry about standing up there and trying to manually point at what you’re talking about when you have a presentation remote. Back in the day, they used to have laser pointers, which could highlight the points the professor was making during a college class or a presenter could stand in the back of a conference room and point to a slide show while they were standing at the projector. But now these remotes can control basically the whole presentation, especially since they are wireless. We’ve found some of the best options for your next board meeting, so make sure to read on so you’ll get a nod of approval from your boss.

Best Rechargeable Presentation Remote

Put a “replace batteries” reminder way into the back of your mind because you won’t need it when you have the DinoFire Wireless Presenter. It has a built-in 360mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can last for more than a week. It has buttons for hyperlinks, black/full screens, switch windows, page flip, and a green laser light. This remote is applicable with Windows, Mac OS, Android Powerpoint, Google Slides, Prezi, iwork, MS Word and Excel, to name a few. The long range control reaches up to 300 feet.

Best Compact Presentation Remote

You won’t need to worry about carrying a heavy remote or a clunky one when you pick up the Logitech Wireless Presenter R400. It measures 1.49″ x 4.55″ x 1.08″ and weighs just over two ounces, so it’s light and can easily fit in your pocket or bag. It is powered by AA batteries (included) and has a built-in red laser pointer. The intuitive touch keys will flip through your presentation quickly and the wireless remoter has up to 50 feet of range, so you can move around the room. There’s a built-in docking bay to store the remote and you don’t have to install any software to use it.

Best Value Presentation Remote

Compatible with both Macs and PCs, the Red Star Tec Wireless Powerpoint and Keynote Presentation Remote Clicker PR-819 can help you rule the conference room. There’s no software needed to use it and you don’t need a direct line of sight to the computer in order to have it work. The ergonomic design feels comfortable in your hand and lets you deliver a presentation with confidence. You can flip through many different programs and slides with the one-touch buttons. It is powered by two AAA batteries (not included).