While not all of us are inclined to go spelunking, it might be the right kind of activity for others. For those who don’t know, spelunking is the hobby of exploring caves. When most people think of spelunking, their mind goes to harnesses and headlamps. But we’re here to tell you that headlamps are not just for diving into caves and other dimly lit exploring. While that is certainly one way to use one, a headlamp can be used for a ton of other outdoor and indoor activities. You can use it if you’re working on something in your basement at home or if you’re camping overnight. Anywhere you want to use these three headlamps we’ve highlighted for you would be just fine, especially if it’s while spelunking (okay we’ll stop talking about spelunking).

Best Headlamp Settings

If you want your headlamp to do more than just shine a light straight, you should look at the Black Diamond Spot. This powerful headlamp has one quad power LED and one double power white LED light that emit 300 lumens. On high, this can reach as far as 80 m and, on low, it can reach up to 16 m. It can run on high for 30 consecutive hours and, on low, it can run up to 175 hours. You can put it into different settings, such as proximity, distance, strobe, red night-vision, and lock mode. The PowerTap technology lets you switch from full and dimmed power quickly. There is also a memory setting that will remember your favorite brightness and keep it there.

Best Rechargeable Headlamp

Boasting 1080 lumens for superior brightness, the DanForce Headlamp is the perfect companion for your outdoor activities. It has three original LED bulbs that are rechargeable via a USB cord. The airtight rubber seal protects the bulbs from dust, wind, rain and sleet. The lights are adjustable by 90 degrees and there are four different light modes. The straps are customizable, so they’ll always be comfortable. The headband is breathable and sweat-resistant. It is backed by a seven-year warranty.

Best Wide-Range Headlamp

In the market for a cost-effective headlamp that can span a wide area? Then check out the Optimal Ventures OV LED 802100 Broadbeam LED Headlamp. This lamp offers 210° of illumination and is powered by three AAA batteries. There are 20 different LED lights in this headlamp, providing a 300 lumen output. There are three easy modes to operate with the push of a single button. It isn’t bulky and it’s comfortable and stretchable, as one size fits all.