Get ready to lay down some killer lyrics to impress on your demo or engage with your listeners while recording the latest episode of your radio show, thanks to a well-placed microphone stand. Obviously, microphones are needed if you’re going to record some sort of audio track. But in order to get the best sound possible, you’ll want a microphone stand to hold that mic steady. Whether you’re in the recording studio, your home office or on stage at a venue, a mic stand keeps your hands free, letting you play an instrument without having to juggle a mic. With many options out there, we’ve highlighted three different types of microphone stands to help you with any recording session you have.

Best Tripod Microphone Stand

With easy height adjustments, the Hola! Music Professional Tripod Microphone Stand is great for just about anyone. The three legs lock into place when opened and the center clutch easily unlocks so you can move it between 40 inches and 63 inches in height. It comes with a Euro-style metal telescopic boom with different clutches for angle and length. The boom extends from four inches to 27 inches. You can also use it without the boom arm. This stand comes with cable clips, so you can thread them through the clips to avoid cluttering up the area at your feet.

Best Suspension Microphone Stand

Perfect for recording podcasts or audio tracks onto your computer, the InnoGear Heavy Duty Microphone Stand comes with variety of accessories to fit your every need. This mic stand includes a heavy duty suspension arm with a strong spring that prevents it from dropping suddenly. It has a table mounting clamp and protective layers of sponge. There is an adjustable positioning screw that’s large enough to clip to any desktop with a thickness of two inches, keeping it up on the desk. The windscreen and pop filter keep your audio clear and get rid of needless background noise.

Best Dual Mic Microphone Stand

Whether you’re performing a duet or need one mic for your instrument and one for your voice, the Ohuhu Tripod Boom Microphone Stand has you covered. It comes with two microphone clips, so you can just insert your microphones and start recording. This painted steel stand is collapsible and lightweight, making it easy to transport. It’s adjustable between 29 and 59 inches, with the telescopic arm adjusting to as high or low as you need. If you happen to be somewhere where the ground isn’t level, the individual legs are separately adjustable, so you can set it accordingly to get an even distribution.