Don’t feel the need to go to the doctor all the time and take care of some of the tests at home when you pick up a blood pressure monitor and cuff. Rather than paying a copay and having to get to the doctor’s office, you can take charge of seeing where your blood pressure levels are. One in every three adult Americans has high blood pressure, so keeping tabs on your numbers is of vital importance. With any of these blood pressure monitors, you’ll be able to track your progress while trying to make sure those numbers stay in the right range.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor for Tracking

Rather than writing down what your blood pressure reading was each time, the Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor will keep track for you. It will manage and track up to 200 blood pressure readings for up to two users, so you and your significant other can both use this machine. You can keep unlimited readings by transmitting your findings to your Omron’s free app that works on select iOS and Android phones. It takes three consecutive readings and averages them out, giving you better accuracy. The sleeve will fit any arm with a 9″ to 17″ circumference and the backlit screen is very easy to read.

Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

For a quick and easy way to measure your blood pressure, the Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor can just slide over your hand. It will fit over a 5.5″ to a 8.5″ cuff size and the screen has a back light that makes it simple to read in the dark. There is a built-in sensor for an irregular heartbeat that will show up on the screen if one is detected. You can store you previous 60 readings on the machine. You’ll get an accurate reading in less than a minute and it automatically turns off after use.

Best Travel Blood Pressure Monitor

If you need to continue with readings while you’re on the go, the Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Kit could be right for you. You’ll get a monitor that has two sources of power, so you can use it even when you aren’t near a plug. The cuff is a one-size-fits-most that is easy to slip on and strap tight. You’ll also receive a bag to keep them all in that can be packed in your luggage for traveling. There is a hypertension indicator bar on the display and you can find out your blood pressure and your pulse with just a push of a button. Plus, a piece of each purchase is donated to Love146, a charity that fights to end child trafficking.