If you need to file large reports or document the process of a project that needs to be repeated in the future, keeping the papers in a binder is an easy way to organize them. In order to make your organization system work best, using a three-hole punch to fit the papers in the binder is a must. Being able to put holes in multiple pieces of paper at once saves you a lot of time and helps get your work life in order. With any of the three options we’ve handpicked for you below, you won’t have to search your desk for a few papers, as you’ll know they’ll be in your binder.

Easiest Three-Hole Punch to Use

Giving you a clean cut with minimal effort, the PaperPro inPRESS Three-Hole Punch has a smooth handle that’s curved to give your palm comfort. It is guaranteed to not jam up and the patented dies let you hole punch with 50% less effort than your old one required. The handle will lock closed, making storage easy. Any tiny pieces of paper that get punched will collect in a trash compartment that can be emptied out from the base. It has a built-in ruler to give you exact measurements when you are lining it up.

Best Three-Hole Punch for a Stack of Paper

If you frequently need to get through 20, 30 or even 40 pieces of paper at one time, then the Bostitch EZ Squeeze 40 Sheet 3-Hole Punch is the pick for you. It gives you the standard configuration for holes, 9/32″ in diameter. It can be used for light or heavy duty work, thanks to its all-metal design. You can use it on office paper, card stock or even laminated paper. This handle also locks down for easy storage and the paper guide lets you slide your stack in smoothly, so the papers are all lined up, giving you consistent punches in each piece.

Best Adjustable Hole Punch

Sometimes, three holes isn’t enough and with the Swingline Desktop Hole Punch 74030, you can adjust it to create more holes. The machine comes with three punch heads but it is adjustable to fit up to seven punch heads or as few as two (additional heads sold separately). It features a lever handle that simplifies the experience, giving you precise holes. It can punch up to 20 pages at a time. This is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and a 100% performance guarantee, making it a great choice for your office.