So you want to get your kid a musical instrument to see if they are a young Mozart. You’ve noticed their propensity for hitting things or waving their arms up and down and you think: percussion. If you have to hear loud noises anyway, maybe put it to good use? You can take a look at any of these instruments that introduce percussion and will spark musical inspiration. No matter what age you get into music, it helps stimulate the mind and can boost creativity. We’ve highlighted a few options for percussion instruments that you or your child can pick up that aren’t as tough as mastering the drums.

Best Bongo Drum for Kids

The bongo drums are a staple in Caribbean music and can be used in many different ways. They are also a great tool to introduce music to children and the Remo KD-5400-01 Kids Percussion Bongo Drum is no exception. It has two connected drums, one that measures 5″ and the other measures 6″. The drumheads are pre-tuned, one of which is pitched high and the other low. It is made with Acousticon shells, so it will remain sturdy amidst all the use. It teaches children the importance of rhythm from the age of three and up. Plus, it has fun rainforest designs on it.

Best Percussion Box

Sturdily designed, the Pyle String Cajon Wooden Percussion Box is perfect for jamming at any age. It has adjustable guitar strings on the inside that provide a smooth rhythmic sound. They can be adjusted from the bottom of the box with the hex key that’s included. It measures 120″ x 120″ x 180″ and weighs only 109 lbs, meaning it can travel with you to your next gig. It’s made to be sit on and played by tapping or slapping the box with your hands. It has rubber-capped feet that combat against vibration interference.

Best Shaker Set

Meant to be used in a similar fashion as maracas, the Nino Percussion Plastic Egg Shaker Set is great for a music classroom or for playing at home. The four different colored eggs create a clear shaker sound that mixes well with other instruments and music. Each egg is two inches tall and fits easily in one hand, making it a solid instrument for up to four people. They are lightweight and durable, constructed from ABS plastic. This is another great tool to be used for children learning percussion instruments.