Typically when the summer hits, most people are jumping for joy. While the warm weather does have its perks, it can get a little overwhelming at times, especially, when that thermometer hits 90. Having air conditioning can be a lifesaver for some, but for those who aren’t afforded that same luxury, a standard fan will have to suffice. On the other hand, if you’re simply fed up with your bills from running the AC all day and night, getting a solid fan isn’t a bad alternative. Luckily, there are fans that do a remarkably good job of keeping you cool. Whether it’s at your desk at work, your bedroom, or even a sweltering hot kitchen, there is the perfect fan for all occasions. Let’s go through some of the best, so you can beat the heat.

Best Table Fan

If you just need a smaller fan for your work desk or your nightstand before going to sleep, getting a compact, powerful table fan like the Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan is certainly a great option. Despite its size, you can feel the full blast from up to 27 feet away, thanks to its aerodynamic turbo design, three-speed control, 90-degree pivoting feature, and .350 CFM cooling capability. This fan is comparable to some higher priced, oscillating tower fans, only it’s far more compact, and not to mention cost-effective.

Best Tower Fan

On the other hand, if you do prefer a larger tower fan that covers a little more ground, you can’t go wrong with the Honeywell HYF290B Quietset 8-Speed Whole-Room Tower Fan. This is, essentially, a souped-up version of Honeywell’s table fan, and features eight different speed options with remote control compatibility, Quiet Set technology for minimum noise, full-motion oscillating capabilities to help cool your entire room at once. With a tower fan this effective, you’ll probably forget you didn’t have the AC on, anyway.

Best Fan for Easy Transport

Finally, we have the O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Desktop Air Circulation Battery Fan, a powerful, compact, and easily transportable fan for a variety of uses. It comes in two different cooling settings — high and low — and takes up as little space as possible. It’s long-lasting, too, as it’s made with a patented fan blade design to help preserve battery life. Thanks to its convenient folding design, this battery-operated fan is easy to take virtually anywhere, making it a great option for those who like to keep cool on the go.