Apple products and services are supposed to guard your privacy and secure your digital lives. That’s something Apple keeps telling customers every chance it gets, making privacy a distinctive feature of its many products.

To further drive that point home, Apple has revamped the privacy-related page on its website, which reads more like an Apple product than a legal letter to customers.

“Apple products are designed to do amazing things,” Apple says. “And designed to protect your privacy.”

The redesigned page seems to sell the idea of strong privacy in a manner that’s more user-friendly than Apple’s previous privacy disclosures.

Apple combines text with images to explain some of the principles that guide its stance towards privacy. The page looks like an Apple product page, and you may be under the impression that Apple is trying to sell you something if you don’t pay attention to the text.

The privacy page addresses the importance of using passwords (Touch ID and Face ID also qualify) to protect and encrypt data on Apple devices. It also assures users that all their data isn’t gathered to be sold to advertisers and other organizations.

Whatever user Apple data is gathered is used with Differential Privacy enabled, so that your identity remains protected. Similarly, Apple addresses Apple Pay security, data storage, and apps permissions.

If you need to learn more about managing your privacy on Apple devices, head on to at this link, where more resources are available. And if you want to learn the secrets of Face ID, check out Apple’s white paper on the new technology.