Like every year, Samsung appears to be rushing to market with a new Galaxy Note model before the latest iPhone arrives. But this isn’t your regular year for Samsung. First of all, Samsung still has to make up for last year’s Galaxy Note 7’s rushed launch which contributed to the phone’s exploding demise. Secondly, Apple is coming out with the iPhone 8 this year, which will easily be the most exciting iPhone launch in years.

A new report says that the iPhone 8 isn’t the only device pressuring Samsung at the moment. The Galaxy S8 is also a reason why the Galaxy Note 8 will get an early launch.

According to Korean site The Bell, the Galaxy S8 sales have been rather poor lately. The smartphones did great at launch, the report notes, but sales are slowing down at the moment. Samsung has reportedly sold 9.8 million Galaxy S8 units in the first two months, which is lower than the 12 million Galaxy S7 sold during the same time frame.

The iPhone 7 might be a reason why Galaxy S8 sales are slowing. Some carriers are running iPhone 7 promos looking to move more stock before the iPhone 8 arrives. And those iPhone 7 deals had a negative impact on Galaxy S8 sales.

The Bell says that Samsung wanted to launch the Galaxy Note 8 at IFA 2017, during the first week of September. But the handset may be unveiled in the third or fourth week of August, with sales supposed to start at some point in early September.