When Tesla rolled out the Model S P100D last summer, Elon Musk proudly boasted that it was the fastest production car on the planet. And with good reason, Tesla’s flagship Model S was engineered to go from 0-60 MPH in just 2.5 seconds flat. Just six months later, Tesla was at it again, this time introducing a new “Ludicrous Mode” Easter egg option that bestowed the P100D with even more raw acceleration, with one Motor Trend test finding that the car managed to go from 0-60 in just 2.28 seconds.

“Launching a Model S P100D (weighing 5,062 with gear and driver) in full-on Ludicrous Easter-egg mode snaps your body in a manner that is utterly impossible to replicate in any other street-legal production car on normal tires and dry asphalt at a mid-$100,000 price point,” Motor Trend said at the time.

With that as a backdrop, a Porsche — which we believe to be a Porsche 911 –recently tried to keep up with Tesla’s top of the line Model S and the result was interesting to say the least. Originally posted to YouTube yesterday, we see that the Porsche plays catch-up for a short while before ultimately spinning out.

Now to be fair, is it possible that the Porsche driver wasn’t exactly skilled enough to handle a turn? No doubt about it. Still, since when do we ever let a little bit of context tarnish an otherwise entertaining video.