Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Nokia, the former undisputed king of the mobile phone business, decided a few years not to do the one thing its fans asked for, and the one thing everyone else was doing. It stood against the Android change and decided to put everything it had behind Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. That decision ultimately killed Nokia’s smartphone ambitions. But the giant is not completely out of the game, and while it has a tough road ahead, the Nokia phone brand is not going to die without putting up one more fight.

The company has a major press event about to begin here at MWC 2017, and you can follow the live stream below along with our live blog.

It’s not easy to take the stage in Barcelona after LG and Huawei just unveiled what will likely be two of the hottest Android handsets you’ll be able to buy this year. But we have high hopes for Nokia. We expect it to unveil at least one Android-based flagship handset at the show, and maybe announce the international version of the Nokia 6 that’s already selling like hot cakes in China.

But the most interesting thing coming out the reinvented Nokia brand is — and I can’t believe I’m saying this in 2017 — the Nokia 3310. That’s right, Nokia will make the Nokia 3310 great again. It’ll be a feature phone, leaks suggested, and it won’t have any of the neat tricks you can find on even the most basic smartphones out there. For some people, that’s probably fantastic news: A mobile phone that’s good for calls and texts.

Check out Nokia’s live stream and our live blog below. The press conference is scheduled to start at 10:30 AM EST / 7:30 AM PST.

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That’s pretty much a wrap, folks. 

Probably the most exciting device of the night?

One more thing, of course. It must be the Nokia 3310.

Arto is waving us goodbye already. 

Nokia will launch the phones globally from day one. Does that mean US will be included? 

Snake is back people!

The “next-generation” of buyers loves Nokia, they say. More than 74% of Nokia 6 buyers in China were of this next-generation.

Nokia 3310 mention on the screen. 

Apparently you have to work at HMD to get a jingle out of that choir.

Google Assistant will be available on a bunch of devices this year, not just Nokia’s new range of Android handsets.

Nokia may have just created the new “Nexus.” Think about it, the phones will run vanilla Android out of the gate, and they’re incredibly cheap.

Google’s Jamie is on stage to welcome Nokia to Android.

All the new Nokias will be available in the second quarter of the year.

The build quality of the Nokia 3, including screen and aluminum shell, is exactly the same as the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.

Nokia 3 costs just €139. 

Can it get any cheaper than that? The answer is yes, apparently. Nokia 3. 

The Nokia 5 costs €189. 

Four colors: blue, black, silver, and copper.

Nokia 5 has no antenna lines. They’re at the top and bottom of the device. 

Here comes something brand new. A compact Nokia, the Nokia 5.

Nokia 6 will cost €229 globally, which is an amazing price. 

Nokia 6 in Jet Black.

But Nokia 6 is finally going global, following the successful China test.

Nokia 6 sales performance: 1.3 million registration in 4 days. Initial quantity sold out in 23 seconds. Customer satisfaction is at 97%. All in China.

It takes an hour to CNCa phone from a block of aluminium. Ive would be proud.

Raun Forsyth is Nokia’s Ive?

Oh, hello, Nokia Jony Ive!

All Nokia phone will ship with Google Assistant preloaded. That’s something not many other Android device makers can say.

Monthly security updates for all Android phones. And “fast” platform updates.

Pure Android incoming. “The purest Android you have seen,” Juho says.

Premium designs won’t be limited to flagship phones. Let’s see. 

Premium build quality, great cameras, amazing design. Is this the exciting Nokia we always wanted?

Juho is genuinely excited about Nokia Android smartphones. 

HMD’s CPO Juho is on stage. That’s Chief Product Officer. And yes, it’s really difficult to spell Finnish names when they’re not even displayed. 

HMD just told us that it wants to make Nokia great again. And it has a great goal, winning back the smartphone business.

“The story unfolds further.”

You got that right!

“Finally we have Android. We have Android in Nokia,” Arto exults. 

The new Nokia phones: HMD + Nokia + Android + Foxconn. 

Recognize that Nokia jingle? Who wouldn’t. It sounds even better if sang by a choir. 

HMD Global CEO Arto is on stage to tell us more about Nokia smartphones. 

Nokia does get a lot of affection, too bad that it almost died a few years ago. And I’m strictly speaking about the consumer smartphone business here. 

Nokia would not license its brand just to anybody, CEO says.

“A new era for Nokia” under HMD. 

Self-driving cars, industrial automation — not something you’d expect to hear from Nokia today. 

Alright, so no brand new health-related hardware. But Nokia’s health platform is certainly interesting.

Whitings scales, trackers, smartwatches, and all the other digital health products will be sold under the Nokia brand starting this summer.

“Rocket science” hidden in a scale. 

Let’s see what Whitings has in store for us this year. 

Next up is health care, which means wearables. 

Nokia, 360-degree cams, and VR. This sounds exciting. 

“Technology designed to bring the Human Family closer together.”

And we’re off to a fast start. After a brief reminder of what Nokia stands for, we’re given a preview of what’s to come today. 

Let’s just hope the Nokia 3310 isn’t the only cool thing coming from Nokia today.

The place is packed, though the venue isn’t as big as LG’s or Huawei. 

That’s right, the Nokia / HMD event at Mobile World Congress is about to start. 

But it’s now time to focus on the brand new Nokia in the room. 

Wow, that P10 is certainly impressive. Say what you will, but there’s a reason why Huawei is selling so many phones.