Teslas are fantastic in most every way, other than you have to sacrifice at least one organ to actually own one. Chevy’s all-electric Bolt hatchback solves that problem by packing over 200 miles of range into a $37,000 car. But according to new pricing details revealed today, there’s actually a much cheaper way to own one.

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The short story is, you can lease a Bolt for $309 a month and $0 down, after incentives. Leasehackr got the full details of GM Financial’s lease program. The exact pricing depends on which dealer you go to and which state you’re in, as a result of incentives. Leasehackr has a tool you can use to play with the details, but the overall picture looks very good for anyone who wants to own a new, cheap-to-run city car — basically the target market of the Bolt.

The monthly lease payment is a little higher than something like a Ford Focus, but considering the amount of money you save in gas, commuters and the like could be saving thousands of dollars a year overall. The lease option may also be more attractive to consumers who are worried about the long-term resale market for lower-end electric cars, which is still in its infancy, and less certain than those for internal-combustion-engined vehicles.

Most importantly, that $300 a month figure compares particularly well to Tesla’s cheapest lease option. There, you’re looking at $600 a month and $6,000 down, although you are getting a low-end Model S instead of a Chevy hatchback.