Once the dust settles on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 “batterygate” scandal, Apple might emerge as a winner. Some analysts have suggested that the recall of the Note 7 could net Apple millions of additional iPhone 7 sales through the end of 2016, and some of those scorned customers have already begun come forward.

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Browsing through the Apple subreddit this week, we stumbled upon multiple posts from former Galaxy Note 7 owners who have settled on the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus as their next device. Here’s what one disgruntled customer had to say:

“I’m just pissed at Samsung and I’m even more pissed that Google can’t make a decent phone that costs the same as the Note and iPhone. I was one that gave Samsung a pass at first and waited to get my second [Note] 7. I got an account credit, 2 256g SD cards, and a free [Oculus] VR headset, so I played the waiting game. And I’m sure we’re all aware how that’s played out.” – NsRhea

Fed up with Google and Android altogether, this customer decided to switch to the iPhone 7 Plus. And, unsurprisingly, this isn’t the only post of its kind. In fact, many Android users had already made up their minds — they just wanted to know some tips and tricks and gather some advice before making the switch.

“[…]the Note 7 has also done the same thing as every Samsung phone I’ve ever owned… slowed down incredibly after a month of use. And that’s why I’m considering a jump back to the iPhone. So for those of you who have switched in recent months, what features of Android do you miss?” – BillNyeDeGrasseTyson

Here’s another:

“First and foremost I missed having a smartphone. Note 7 survivor here coming from a 6+.. What should I know that’s different, some handy tips and tricks for this force touch capability, and where did Siri go?? It brings up voice commands when I long press on the home button now” – prollygointohell

And yet another:

“I returned my Note 7 yesterday and reserved the 7+ Black 128GB through Sprint yesterday, but their estimates state that the phone wont come until 11/25-12/15, it could be an overestimation but it still has me worried. Not sure what else to do. There’s a shattered 5s I could use, but I’m not really keen on the idea of using a shattered phone. Any suggestions?” – hackint0sh96

While this isn’t exactly a large enough sample size to prove that Apple is going to sell an additional 8 million iPhone 7 units this fall and winter, it does illustrate how some longtime Android users are simply fed up.

On the other hand, some would rather stick with the Note 7.