The hottest phablet in town is about to launch in several countries, and it really is Samsung’s best phone. The Galaxy Note 7 is better than its predecessor in every way – read our full review – and it’s one phone to consider this fall if you want a big display on your smartphone. Soon, Apple will unveil its own large new iPhone, the iPhone 7 Plus that’ll compete directly against the new Note.

Samsung is well aware of this, and the company has put its marketing campaign for the Galaxy Note 7 into high gear. Samsung released a few official hands-on videos of the Galaxy Note 7 that highlight the phone’s design, new features, as well as software tricks.

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Galaxy Note 7 unboxing

In this video, we get to take a look at the phone’s box and bundled accessories, as well as a quick look at its most important features.

Galaxy Note 7 S Pen

A short video dedicates to the S Pen tells you everything you need to know about the new stylus. We’re looking at a redesigned S Pen that’s more sensitive and should be more comfortable to hold. The stylus also comes with neat new software tricks, including translation support, or GIF-making support, and features that Samsung conceived to go along with the Always on display.

Hilariously, Samsung even makes fun of one of the S Pen problems from the Galaxy Note 5: sticking the S Pen backwards. That’s not an issue anymore Samsung says, indicating that it used to be a problem.

Galaxy Note 7 Security

One of the signature features of the Galaxy Note 7 is the iris scanner that lets you unlock the device and even sign into supported web services. On top of that, there are additional security features deployed in the Galaxy Note 7 explained in the following clip.

We’ll add more of Samsung’s official Galaxy Note 7 videos to this post as they get released. Meanwhile, don’t forget to read our take on Samsung’s superphone.