In case you missed it, there are two new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice TV ads floating around that should get fans of the upcoming film even more pumped up ahead of its March 25 release.

The first ad begins with Batman (played by Ben Affleck) driving the Batmobile into Superman (played by Henry Cavill). Of course, even the armored Batmobile is no match for the Man of Steel as the vehicle quickly careens off of him.

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The two quickly confront each other with Batman asking Superman, “Tell me, do you bleed?” Not willing to engage, Superman quickly flies off, prompting Batman to ominously mutter, “You will.”

The second TV spot is a tad more interesting, and features Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, and Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg) all interacting at some sort of gala. We won’t spoil the best part for you, but the back and forth between Kent and Wayne looks like it’s going to be incredible to watch. On another note, even this short 30-second clip makes it obvious, in my opinion at least, that Eisenberg was well cast for the role.