Wall Street Journal editor Amir Mizroch stumbled across some interesting and mildly amusing Amazon product listings on Wednesday morning. To see what all the hoopla is about, head on over to Microsoft’s Amazon Germany page, you’ll see a listing for Microsoft’s System Center Datacentre selling for about $13,900.

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So far so good, but the photo accompanying the listing is a stuffed teddy bear.

microsoft datacenter bear

Meanwhile, another listing for Microsoft’s System Center Datacentre has an image of a stuffed turtle.

microsoft datacenter turtle

As for what’s going on, BusinessInsider reached out to Microsoft and was told that the photo error is the result of something on Amazon’s end. In the meantime, links to both products, and their accompanying photos of stuffed animals remain live on Amazon Germany’s website.

As far as comical Amazon goofs go, this one isn’t too bad. But if you’re really looking for laughs, you might want to check out this compilation of the funniest Amazon product reviews we put together a short while ago.