Google’s decision to hop into the world of streaming via its Chromecast dongle proved to be a smart move. Since its initial release in July of 2013, Google has sold over 20 million units. Just last week, Google unveiled its second-gen Chromecast, complete with faster wireless, a wider selection of apps and expanded storage. Even better, it’s still available for the low, low price of just $35.

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With the new Chromecast now out in the wild, the teardown gurus over at iFixit did what they do best — they opened up the new device and tore it apart. During the course of their teardown, iFixit noticed that Google’s second-gen Chromecast goes a bit overboard with how much thermal paste it uses.

As a result, iFixit speculates that Google here is attempting to fix one of the more common issues folks experienced with the first-gen Chromecast: overheating.

Though not widely prevalent, one of the more common issues original Chromecast owners experienced involved the device overheating and stopping transmission mid-stream. Other users, meanwhile, encountered that their Chromecast would automatically shut down and reboot when getting too hot.

Again, this problem wasn’t a widespread issue but it’s nonetheless nice to see that Google is taking steps to ensure that the new Chromecast is even more robust than its predecessor.