Amazon often has the best prices on flat-screen TVs, but there are ways you can even more money on your next HDTV purchase. Buying a model from last year is one way to save some money on your purchase, and there’s nothing wrong with that considering TV tech doesn’t advance very quickly; it’s not like buying an outdated smartphone from last year, after all.

Another way is to take advantage of open-box deals on Amazon, and there are 11 great deals on Amazon right now.

As part of Amazon’s gold box deals, the company is offering big savings on 11 different LCD TVs. They range in size from 24 inches all the way up to 75 inches, and these aren’t non-name brands we’re talking about here. All the models covered in the sale are made by Samsung, LG and Sharp, and you can save up to 52% while supplies last.

Amazon open-box LCD HDTV sale, $156.52 – $2,525.83