Google Now is a tremendously useful tool and it seems like every day we’re learning new tricks we can use with it. We learned about this latest one via a Reddit thread at /r/Android and it involves using the Google Chrome desktop browser to send commands directly to Google Now on your phone.

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Here are the three essentials you’ll need to use this feature: An Android phone with Google Now installed, a Google Chrome desktop browser that has Google set as its default search engine, and a Google account that’s linked to the one used on your Android phone.

So the first thing you should do is sign into Chrome using the same account that’s linked to Google Now on your Android phone. Once you’ve done this, you can enter in various commands into either Chrome’s search bar or into the main Google search engine that will push out commands to Google Now.

You’ll be able to type in the following commands into Google that will prompt a response in Google Now:

  • Type in “find my phone” and you’ll see your phone’s location as long as it’s turned on and connected to the web.
  • Type in “send directions to my phone” and it will prompt you to enter your starting and ending destinations. Once you do that, Google Now will relay them to your phone through Google Maps.
  • Type in “send a note to my phone” and it will let you sent a note to yourself that will appear in your phone’s notification center.
  • Type in “set an alarm,” which will set an alarm at your desired time in your phone’s default Clock app
  • Type in “set a reminder” and then click the box that reads “Remind me on my devices,” or “Remind me on Google Now,” and you’ll be able to have timed reminders sent to your phone that will appear as Google Now cards.
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