So, you heard that some developers make a lot of money with iPhone and Android apps, and you’re thinking about getting a mobile development gig for yourself, but you have no idea how to code. In that case your first step should be choosing a programming language to learn first, and a handy infographic will show you exactly what that language should be.

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There are many factors that might affect your choice, and Udacity has listed some of them in a handy graphic. You should consider what kind of job you’d like to have once your coding abilities improve, and how much you’d want to get paid for that.

Furthermore, you should know what kind of apps you want to design in the future, and the graphic includes information on what each language has to offer.

Finally, you should look at what coding languages are currently popular with companies looking for developers, and what U.S. states have the most job openings for coders, broken down by various coding languages.

Check out this this handy programming career life hack in full below.

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