It’s easy for people who aren’t colorblind to take the colorful, rich, and vibrant world we live in for granted. Though it may be hard for some to comprehend, individuals who suffer from colorblindness often see a duller version of the world, with something as commonplace as green grass, for example, taking on a more brownish hue.

Earlier this year, we covered an incredible partnership between Valspar Paint and glasses manufacturer EnChroma. Together, the two companies manufactured a special type of glasses which help colorblind individuals see the full gamut of colors on the visible spectrum.

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In the video below, we see what it’s like for a colorblind man named Ethan to see purple and vibrant greens for the first time in his life. The end result is altogether heartwarming. The video contains some adult language, which is not terribly surprising given what an emotional experience the EnChroma glasses provide. All the more so considering that Ethan wasn’t told what type of glasses he was putting on.

EnChroma glasses, which come in a variety of different styles, can be purchased for anywhere between $329 and $450.